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May 20

Facebook and Youtube banned in Pakistan – Pakistan Pokes no more

Posted by MikeZilla in YouTube , social media , pakistan , Facebook , Censorship


 Youtube banned in pakistan In the growing and ever expanding world of technology, we are free to say what we want. We have youtube the most amazing platform ever to raise the voice and consciousness of the planet. We have twitter, facebook and a plethora of other social media advances waiting to be created. Facebook twitter et al represent the first truly global communities in the history of civilisation. We are at the brink. We lucky few are living through a fundamental change in the structures of human civilisation and the emergence of social media societies. Yet in the midst of all this change the more things stay the same.

May 19

The Great Facebook Exodus of 2010

Posted by redsaid in Quit Facebook Day , Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook Privacy Policy , Facebook , 31 May 2010


Once upon a time, in the hallowed halls of Harvard University, a geeky looking, heartbroken boy of 19 became one of the founding fathers of what would turn out to be a virtual Promised Land…

May 17

Pay for Facebook, or a clever Marketing ploy?

Posted by sgb in Facebook


Rumours abound that Facebook is going to start charging users, the latest being from July of this year. But are these rumours true, or is it just very clever marketing?

Over the years analysts have wondered whether Facebook could make money(e.g. Businessweek). I by this I mean BIG MONEY as in Google, Yahoo and the like. These concerns came to a head in about September last year when an email - claimed by Facebook to be fraudulent - was released stating that Facebook's business model was to change and users would be charged.

May 17

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Review

Posted by ShackledMuse in wi-fi , Twitter , review , qwerty , optical trackpad , mxit , Facebook , email , edge , Blackberry Curve , blackberry , applications


Being the winner of the BlackBerry Curve 8520, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the device. I'm a teensy bit of a phone fanatic even though I never had a smartphone before and I thought I might need to have a degree to set the phone up, but that was not the case at all. I usually try to do something without reading the manual first... Silly I know, but hey, there's a reason for my madness.

May 04

Mobile sites and the global village

Posted by ShackledMuse in prodigits , Myspace , mobile sites , lavalair , global village , Facebook



Mobile sites.
Yay, I thought, something I could write about.
Only to find out I'm not so well-versed about them as I thought.

Sure, I wasted A LOT of hours on sites like Prodigits, Lavalair, UltimaWap and the likes. But thats not really anything substantial. (altho my good friend, Ra'ed Far'oun, and creator of LavaLair, would have some serious misgivings about our friendship if he sees me saying its not substantial.)

So in the defense of above mentioned mobile sites, let me point out the positive impact it had on my life.... lol.


May 04

How do you consume information?

Posted by The Organ Harvester in Twitter , The need for a website , social media , Search Engine Optimisation , Organisations , New Media , Networking , Media Consumption , Google , Generating traffic , Facebook

The Organ Harvester


Apr 21

Online activism a must for SA consumers

Posted by YunaMonos in Twitter , home owners , Facebook , consumer activism


Online communities and social networking platforms like FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter have placed mass marketing at everyone’s fingertips. These tools can be used equally effectively to gain momentum for active consumerism.

Apr 09

Is it a good idea to find old school friends on Facebook after 15 years without them?

Posted by barrmar in Social Networking , SA reunited , Reconnecting old friends , Facebook


The Internet social networking revolution has swept across the planet. The most successful of these is Facebook. Internet social networking began with the youth - kids at school, at college or simply young singles. Facebook has been a huge success. Its membership has increased exponentially and has spread to the baby-boomer generation and beyond.

Apr 08

Is it a sign?

Posted by EgbertFly in south africa , Social Networking , Myspace , Facebook , Bebo


Social networking is a curse or a blessing, depending on from where you look at it.

Mar 04

Can someone help me get my blogs on Afrigator?

Posted by OS GIKEN in For Dummies , Facebook , afrigator


How do I promote my blogs? Ever since MyDL decided to give me 20c/hit I've seen a good money making opportunity on the horizon and decided I need to churn out digital blogs by the hour!(evil smile)

But how do I get my blogs on someone else's screen and not necessarily through MyDL? Afrigator, post link on Facebook, email to friends, what else? I've heard this stumble crap but I literally want to blog here once, and amazingly it must appear somewhere else as well!

I see DBS and Mike and many others have all kinds of links embedded in their do I get those into mine? The last time Charmed did a blog on the Afrigator thing she was deliberately vague (because if she was open, MyDL would be paying thousands in digis every month) as it was a mission to get to what she explained, dare I say it was difficult!

Can someone help me with a simple guide, an easy one, to get my blogs out there?

I think reading the **** For Dummies books have really lowered my expectation of instructions and difficulty levels...

OS over and out - give me a plain and simple Engewrish explanation of how to get my blogs out there...

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