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May 17

Tag pages on Facebook!

Posted by Nasreen in tagging , products , privacy , photos , photo tagging , people , pages , nike , Facebook , brands


A new exciting feature that we’ve all been waiting for is finally on Facebook and will start to function from Wednesday. Photo tagging for pages now allows users to have the ability to tag Pages in their photos on Facebook.  It seems as though Facebook is hoping to enrich the user experience by enhancing the capabilities of the Facebook platform.

May 16

Hi my name is Facebook

Posted by Mobile Kugel in Twitter , jewish tweets , Facebook , baby names

Mobile Kugel

While writing my ‘legitimate’ blog for the week and simultaneously juggling between Jewish Tweets and another six tabs, I read that an Israeli couple who were inspired by Facebook named their daughter ‘Like’. There is already an innocent Egyptian babela out there named ‘Facebook’.

May 10

No one is safe

Posted by iExperience in technology , symantec , sony , pandalabs , panda labs , nasdaq , Mark Zuckerberg , j.p. morgan chase , hacktivists , hackers , Facebook , epsilon , cybersecurity , cuberculture , cell phone hackers , best buy , android market


May 05

Social networks that are children friendly

Posted by Zircon in social network , parental control , Facebook , children


It is every parent's concern (well, should be) as to where their kids play online and what they do.  To accommodate this, one will find various parental control programs such as CyberPatrol, etc ...

It just so happens, that kids want to be part of peer groups and be in with the friends and so they will explore and play online, sometimes where they are not really permitted to.

Facebook has an age restriction of 13, and according to their stats, about 20 000 kids, 13 years and younger, try to sneak their way onto facebook.  Even if your child is older than 13, you as a parent can still keep an eye on their online activities, here is a link with some valuable advice and information -

To accommodate this need, a few companies went and designed 'safe' social network areas, where these kids can go to play and learn.  They have all the traditional 'bells-and-whistels' we are used to with the added parental oversight.

To see who these companies are and to read more about them, you are welcome to follow this link - ...

Hope the info is of some assistance to yous.

Take care,


May 04

People turn to social media for news

Posted by Nasreen in YouTube , Twitter , tweets , ten haken , Social networks , social media platform , social media , osama bin laden , Facebook , Barack Obama , al qaeda


The news of Osama Bin Laden's death broke out to millions on Sunday 1st May at 11:45 ET with the help of twitter, facebook  and youtube, where most people found out through the social networking sites than on actual tv and radio.

Apr 27

Find Your Royal Wedding Fix

Posted by iExperience in you tube , Video , Twitter , social media , royal wedding , prince william , mobile apps , live viewing , live streaming , kate middleton , flickr , Facebook


The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine (better known as Kate) Middleton is just around the corner. As the Westminster Abbey ceremony on Friday 29 April looms closer, people all over the world are making sure they get involved as well.

Apr 26

Disrupting the Academic year

Posted by GeraldineKent in world cup , wix , Twitter , teacher strike , sustainability , south africa , Soccer World Cup , private corporations , parastatal , ngo , Microsoft Office , johannesburg , internet , ICT , government school , fifa world cup 2010 , FIFA , Facebook , email , Education , Easter , development


I was lucky enough to come home to Johannesburg for the Easter weekend. It has been a very busy, very short break. But a much deserved one nevertheless! Whilst spending some time with my extended family, my youngest cousin, Sabrina, was talking about all the plans she has for her school holidays. And my younger brother, Bradley, became very upset when he realised that Sabrina was going to be on holiday until next week Tuesday, 3 May 2011. The reason this upset my brother, is because Sabrina goes to a government school (unlike my brother who is a private, Catholic school), which means she has already had her first term break. Being allowed to miss seven days of school, in the middle of term time, is usually a very difficult thing to get away with.

Apr 20

Where to draw the line

Posted by Nasreen in workplace , social netwrking sites , reputation , fired by facebook , Facebook , discrimination , Blogs


With facebook being one of the most popular social networking sites used, it would appear to be the most appropriate place for users to express their feelings, over share information and check up on others.

Apr 20

Facebook deals: a future reward for your facebook addiction

Posted by fastforward in Social Networking , Smartphone , mobile , location , Groupon , foursquare , Facebook Places , facebook deals , Facebook , deals , check in , blackberry , app


Apr 20

Businesses Facebook Too!

Posted by iExperience in woolworths , woolies , Twitter , space age technologies , Social Networking , slideshare , Pick n Pay , Linkedin , , Facebook , e-commerce , daniel levy , chris welham , charmaine huet , business , bronwen rohland


Keyboard by Xelcise, courtesy of Flickr

I admit… I am a
Facebook addict! I eat, breath, sleep
AND Facebook and so do millions of other users. Twitter is also in the picture now, competing for my time and status updates. These networking sites and media tools are changing social behaviours and experiences so it’s not surprising that businesses are also getting hooked on to this culture as well.