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Feb 03

Social networks - what works for me

Posted by Charmed in Twitter , Social networks , Linkedin , Facebook


Anybody who knows me knows that I’m not big on telephonic conversations or small talk. So naturally, calling people up randomly to “keep in touch” isn’t my thing.

Feb 03

Social media: the losing side?

Posted by Jas in Twitter , Social Networking , social media , Facebook


For me, the social networking aspect of my life started with Hi5 all those years ago - I'm thinking most probably around 2004 or so. I never really participated all that much on the platform back then, and I guess I removed the profile not too long after. While in London, I started using MySpace for a short while – mostly because of the access to band info – not to make friends or keep in touch. I was still very much a proponent of the use of Email to deliver my message. I had a blog too - but it fell into disuse after a while. Such is the fad of the social revolution! I completed my "Digital Detox" - and boy was I happy for it!

With the advent of Facebook, I originally didn’t see much use to the social networking site. It didn’t have much of a draw card for me initially. I actually attempted to close my account at one point, and with much disappointment, discovered just how futile the attempt could be.

Years later, and Facebook is still something somewhat alive in my life, but it doesn’t play the role it once did. Gone is the hype that surrounded it – where it was virally advertised on radio by dj’s constantly talking about it. Today, Facebook still has its uses, although I find I’m using it far less than before. Keeping in touch with people overseas is still its major draw card for me: its far easier to see what your mates are doing from a quick look at their status rather than trying to send a quick email.

Twitter, I’ve only recently joined that. I don’t get the same feedback from Facebook though, being a far more open community rather than the close-knit environment Facebook has provided. Whereas people have more options with Twitter in terms of who they follow and who you see, it still doesn’t provide me with a clear community.

Then again, Facebook seems to be loosing some of it’s market share – not to other competitors – but rather through the lack of innovation and change. The site has become stagnant, with only a few people keeping together my live feed. And while I don’t complain about being able to gain a glimpse into the lives of the people I know and whose company I enjoy – I ultimately feel it’s losing something.

Feb 03

My relationship with Facebook and Twitter

Posted by barrmar in Twitter , Friends , Facebook


I have a Facebook account. There are a few links to people that I know. Most of the time my Facebook account is neglected and lonely. It is neglected. I don't log in on a daily (or even weekly) basis and I don't update my status or join in all the strange games that people are playing there. 

Feb 03

Doppelganger week on Facebook !!

Posted by HomeGrownHoney in profile pictures , network wide phenomena , Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook profile , Facebook , doppelganger


I have just been made aware that it is Doppelganger week on Facebook. For those of you that believe that you resemble a celebrity, now is your chance too show all your friends.

Feb 03

The social media sites part 2 - Pleasure

Posted by DBS in mydl , Facebook


In the first post I covered the more business side of social sites.

Feb 02

I prefer a dinner party to Facebook!

Posted by sgb in Twitter , Social networks , Skype , Myspace , Facebook


Social networking, computerwise, is a problem for me. I do it, but always wonder why.

I read the articles about people leaving Twitter, or Skype, or Facebook with glee. Yet I sign on daily just to see what has happened in the world.

Feb 01

Is the person you are talking to 'real'? Intelligent?

Posted by sgb in Social Networking , Scams , Google , Facebook


More and more we interact with bots - small apps - with minimal 'Artificial Intelligence' sitting on a network somewhere that respond to our actions with some sort of intelligent response. Think about call centres with press 1 for ..., press 2 for ...; or intelligent downloads, or on-line stores which can 'direct us' to products we may like and take our money, or even very clever viruses.
In 1950 Alan Turing devised a simple test to determine whether a computer could be said to be 'intelligent' and is the forrunner for which of the philosophy behind artificial intelligence. The test devised by Turing caused a lot of philosophical dissent : from people saying it was too broad or too narrow, too simple or too complex. Some claimed the term 'intelligence' could not be applied without some form of 'self-awareness'. The brighter sparks said the test was useless as using it would 'fail' some (over 50%) people so.

Jan 15

Facebook adds “reply to” from emails

Posted by Jas in Facebook


I’m not quite sure when Facebook decided to enable the ability to comment on a person’s status directly from your e-mail notification, but I have to admit I have become something of a fan!

Jan 08

Facebook's "privacy" settings. What you didn't know...

Posted by Zunaid in Facebook


So...facebook "upgraded" its privacy settings towards the end of last year. We should all feel more secure, content that our personal information that we so freely hand over to the megalithic faceless corporation is hidden from the prying eyes of strangers, stalkers and potential identify thieves. Right?

Dec 02

Facebook to remove regional networks

Posted by Jas in Facebook


This morning when I logged into Facebook (which ultimately delayed my departure for work), I discovered a small notice directing me to Mark Zuckerberg’s “An open letter from Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg”.

The entry highlights how the initial design of Facebook has ceded in the last 5 years, and that they are implementing new changes to the popular social networking site (which has seen an influx of over 350 million users).

After the last fiasco with Facebook changing it’s terms and conditions of use, I’m pleased to see they’re moving towards a more open architecture where user involvement is key.

The new change sees them removing regional networks, replacing the system with a simpler model of privacy control where you can set your content to be available only to your friends, friends of your friends, or everyone (although after previewing the existing privacy options, this appears to be mostly implemented already). Its stated that some of the existing privacy options will be combined together to make personalising the control of your pages far easier.

The change is also highlighted to provide users with the ability to control who sees each piece of content you create or upload. The blog states that in the next couple of weeks users will be asked to review and update their privacy settings. I’m guessing the message will be brought forth in the same manner as the original message referring me to the blog was displayed, at the top of my news feed.

I for one am rather looking forward to the new privacy changes!

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