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Jun 14

Unexpected sporting results

Posted by Dissol in TT , sport , Soccer World Cup , Rugby , Le Mans , F1 , 2010


No not the result you were thinking of!!  But some fantastic results…

May 16

F1 - The car, the driver, or the team?

Posted by OS GIKEN in Virgin Racing , Schumi , Rubens Barrichello , Ross Brawn , Red Bull Racing , Micheal Schumacher , lewis hamilton , Jenson Button , Formula 1 , F1 Team , F1 driver , F1 Car , F1 , F-Duct


For 11 years now I'm watching F1, I've seen battles for the ages and I've seen the sport go through many changes. But one thing that still floats in the air after each and every F1 race, is the age old it the car, the driver, or a combination of both that makes for a top 3 finish?

The argument of the car:

F1 car

The car, the root of all technological advancement and the main component making that fast lap time. The car, set up by a great group of engineers with massive financial backing, is the one aspect of the race where differentiation can be made.  It's either fast or not, fast around corners or in a straight, coupled to great downforce, reliability. There are so many aspects that set cars apart from one another, so the ones arguing that the car is the difference between a 1st and 5th place will argue that if you put any driver good enough for F1 in the Brawn car of 2009, that car would have been the reason for that driver's sudden rise to fame. Here we use 2 drivers, Barrichello and Button, at Honda they were basically forgotten, not even spoken of throughout the race. And then they get a great car, with great team of engineers lead by Ross Brawn, and great financial backing from Virgin, and all of a sudden, Button is the champion and Barrichello is back in the news, or being screwed over by Brawn once again!

The argument of the driver:

2010 drivers

If we start off where we ended off in the previous paragraph, the car made the driver, we can also conclude, from the viewpoint of the ones who'll argue on behalf of the drivers, that the driver is the one who takes that fast car and drives it fast. The driver, good enough to move through formula 2 and 3000 to pursue their F1 dream, the cream of the crop are here. No one driver, ever, made it into the F1 by being someone's friend or someone's son. It’s totally by merit alone! So, if this is true then, by what miracle do we have drivers like Trulli and Kovalainen in the new Cosworths (Lotus) not contending? Can we assume that if we were to put Trulli into the Red Bull of Webber, that he'd be as quick, if not quicker?

The argument of the team:

RB team

For that sole reason, we have to assume in F1, that not all cars are the same, even though through homologation of engines and power output and all cars following the same rules, its not the same, what with F-Ducts and diverse ride heights and aerodynamic characteristics, all the cars on the grid, are not the same. So too, we must assume, that all drivers are not the same. We can compare the drivers by teams, Mercedes have Hamilton and Button, who are worlds apart, as Hamilton will take those risks, and last week we were witness that Button is no Hamilton, he could not take the risks needed to pass Schumi! So too, we can say that Button is the most clinical driver out there...not needing to ever worry about tires as he looks after them and still puts in the best lap times! Some would argue that Button did indeed gamble and therefore take risks in the first races when he made uncharacteristic pit stops for tire changes...which led him to win...but that's just it, it was uncharacteristic!

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