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Jun 29

One Hour Later

Posted by hlakile in Unisa , Exams


Feb 09

Happy retail event!!! Not!!!

Posted by DBS in Womens day , Valentines Day , Spring day , New Year , Mothers Day , Fathers day , Exams , Easter , Christmas , 2010 World Cup


Maybe we are gullible. Well some maybe. I have been at times swept up in the whirlwind of "you must do it!!!!!" so maybe at times we all are. For years though I have detested the marketing that the FMCG industry goes through to make us feel guilty that we are not participating in their event. They pull on our heartstrings at every opposrtunity, they make us feel guilty for not participating and then, suckered at last we part with even more cash than we should do just to get a ticket to the game.Lets start in January and look at the calendar year from an FMCG perspective.

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