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Feb 05

Divorce and your finances, tips from a Divorce Attorney

Posted by Bertus in uncontested divorce 0 You wouldn’t think that a d , finances and divorce , Family Law and Divorce Law Expert in Children , engagement , divorce law , divorce attorney cape town , Divorce and Finances , Divorce and Finances , cohabitation contract , celebrity divorce attorney


You wouldn’t think that a divorce attorney would be the first person to give advice on how best to prevent a divorce, but then, Bertus Preller, Family and Divorce Law Attorney at Abrahams and Gross Inc. in Cape Town isn’t your average divorce attorney. He is one of the most prominent divorce attorneys based in South Africa, having handled many high-profile divorces of television personalities, artists and sportsmen and being the founder of SA’s largest online divorce platform eDivorce, he is certainly in the mix of everything when it comes to Divorce and Family Law in South Africa.

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