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Aug 23

Social Media: revelation or revulsion

Posted by Pumelela Nqelenga in Twitter , social , meida , london , Libya , Facebook , England , Egypt , blackberry , bbm

Pumelela Nqelenga

Aug 16

Is it a car? Is it a plane? No, it's a flying car!

Posted by fastforward in united states , transition , terrafugia , motor vehicile , future , flying car , England , drive , Car


Jun 21

Shirt Twirling...according to Twitter.

Posted by Dissol in Soccer World Cup , Shirts , Scotland , NZ , England , 2010


I have been unable to substantiate the claim I heard over Twitter, despite a brief search.  But I was intrigued at all the NZ All Whites fans twirling their shirts in the air, in celebration in the latter stages of their remarkable match against World Champions, Italy.

I am told that the fans are willing to bare their chests (in a very chill environment, it has to be said), from the 80th minute on, both in celebration of their team, but also as a dig to the usual All Black rugby fans.  Obviously Rugby is the main religion sport in New Zealand, and Football barely gets a look in.  But a rugby match finishes after 80 minutes, so the shirt twirling is also to point out the extra time that the footballers entertain for!

Like I said, I have not got any proof yet over this, but I hope it is true.  I like these stories.  The one, from the land of my birth is a bit less fun...but a dig nontheless.  In Scotland many people are wearing shirts supporting A.B. E.  Anyone But England!  In fact the HMV line of music shops have had to withdraw their posters and the like supporting this, in the light of potential litigation from a group of English fans who claim this to be racial in nature.  It isn't, but it is very similar to the situation in NZ, where rugby dominates the news.  In Britain, the media tends to cover any English exploit as the main news, and gives news of Scottish, Welsh, or Northern Irish sides less dominance.

So many people have assumed that being a Scot, I would naturally be supporting England.  My usual response is to ask them if they have watched Braveheart!  It would be similar to say a cricket or rugby world cup where South Africa did not qualify, or were knocked out, and the only remaining Southern Hemisphere side was Australia.  And then a Notherner assuming that the Saffer would be backing the Ozzies...  Some things will just never happen!!

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