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Aug 23

Social Media: revelation or revulsion

Posted by Pumelela Nqelenga in Twitter , social , meida , london , Libya , Facebook , England , Egypt , blackberry , bbm

Pumelela Nqelenga

May 30

Saving Stonehenge or previewing Paris: it’s all about the gigapixels

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Mar 01

How to help Democracy, and avoid bloodshed

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Feb 23

Retweet retreat

Posted by Aratus in Yemen , Worldview , Twitter , social media , Oil , middle east , Libya , Iraq , iran , Facebook , Egypt , economics , crisis


It seems that the most common practiced maneuver of Middle Eastern armies is the Retweet Retreat; except Libya of course, because the Libyan army is not very well practiced.

Populations have a new voice and it is loud! So what now? Now everything changes!

Feb 20

Civil Unrest...and how Web 2.0 can help Democracy

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Feb 16

TheNacK is back

Posted by thenack in malema , gautoll , food , Egypt , africa



I know it's half past February and I haven't posted a blog yet...but it seems I am already three months behind at work. So here are a few comments on some things that have been happening.

Egypt and the Pyramids:

It is quite clear that the people living in Egypt today are NOT the descendants of the amazing folk who built the pyramids. While it is an amazing country, it is mostly because of what people did there thousands of years ago, and in spite of the modern day residents. So I got a thinking why this may seems that every time there was a regime change, the ruling dynasty was killed off,  Every 100 years or so the smartest and strongest people were removed from the gene pool. This process of stupification has gone on for more than 3000 years resulting in the genius that is the modern Gyppo. See picture for clarification.

Which made me think of this....

But that's another story.
Something else that is worth mentioning is the awesome new toll fees we will be paying in Gauteng. And with "we" I mean the people who are already subsidising electricity, water and schools for the not working masses, and the working but uneducated masses. It seems the worst downside of apartheid turned out to be the fact that members of parlamaint never heard the fairy tale of slaugtering the swan who lays golden eggs.

Lets hope the Rugby and Cricket world cups keep us bussy enough to ignore all the other crap, lest we go mad.


Feb 13

More Amazing (Web 2.0) Advances

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Feb 11

We need a Revolution - but the revolutionaries are sleeping

Posted by Paralyzer in south africa , Revolution , Mubarak , Egypt , change , apathy , anc youth league


2011 is fast becoming the year of the people’s revolution, from Tunisia to South Sudan and now Egypt stands at the brink of yet another peoples revolution or another aborted peoples revolution that will only lead to backroom politicking that leaves old frogs to die in power like in Zimbabwe. Only time will tell what the outcome will be but the Egyptian people have my support for its a right of any man to choose his country’s government. A right as South Africans we should feel very strongly about given our history yet aside from the odd twitter and facebook message we as South Africans seem to be very quiet on matters of principle.