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May 30

Gamification and Education: Escapist Magazine (Part 2)

Posted by Ryc0v in xp , world war 2 , teaching , ryc0v , life long learning , gamification , Game , France , four square , exp , escapist magazine , Education , Designer


As I wrote back on the 11th, Escapist Magazine has put together a short video trying to inspire and explain some gamification concepts within the education field. 

My previous article explained some incentives and bonuses that this approach could garner, with teamwork bringing about class bonuses, and even modifiers to your "experience points" (essentially a less punitive gauge of course perf0rmance).

Before I continue with this however, I thought it might be interesting to mention that several leading Game Designers despise gamification totally, believing that subverting

May 17

Millennium goals for heroes

Posted by GeraldineKent in united nations , sustainability , poverty , mtv , mortality rates , millennium development goals , malaria , hiv/aids , global warming , gender equality , eskom , environmental sciences , Education , cholera


A friend of mine, Megan Evershed, is an Environmental Sciences student. She inspires me in so many ways because she is strong-willed and resilient in her fight for the greener side of life. She’s not just a hippie child who wants to chain herself to every tree being threatened with death-by-chainsaw. She is intelligent, logical and realistic in her arguments and for that, I stand by and support her cause. 

May 11

Gamification and Education: Escapist Magazine

Posted by Ryc0v in The Sims , ryc0v , gamification , extracredits , exp , escapist , Education


There are many fields that Gamification could theoretically be applied to, but it is one thing to theorise and hypothesise, and quite another to actually test and draw results. 

Extracredits (a content creator for Escapist Magazine) recently posted a short video answering some questions by educators world-wide, centred around how to implement gamification techniques in the field of Education (Primarily at Secondary/High School levels). 

They touch on many different techniques, but the one that stuck with me the most was the reinvention of our current marking system. We currently mark in an exclusionary fashion, were we look at an ideal piece of work as worthy of full marks (for example 100%).

Apr 26

Disrupting the Academic year

Posted by GeraldineKent in world cup , wix , Twitter , teacher strike , sustainability , south africa , Soccer World Cup , private corporations , parastatal , ngo , Microsoft Office , johannesburg , internet , ICT , government school , fifa world cup 2010 , FIFA , Facebook , email , Education , Easter , development


I was lucky enough to come home to Johannesburg for the Easter weekend. It has been a very busy, very short break. But a much deserved one nevertheless! Whilst spending some time with my extended family, my youngest cousin, Sabrina, was talking about all the plans she has for her school holidays. And my younger brother, Bradley, became very upset when he realised that Sabrina was going to be on holiday until next week Tuesday, 3 May 2011. The reason this upset my brother, is because Sabrina goes to a government school (unlike my brother who is a private, Catholic school), which means she has already had her first term break. Being allowed to miss seven days of school, in the middle of term time, is usually a very difficult thing to get away with.

Apr 20

Grahamstown's development goals

Posted by GeraldineKent in township regeneration strategy , sustainability , poverty , Port Elizabeth , nombolelo , metroplan , mayoral business forum , makana , joza , grocotts , green , grahamstown , graham hotel , Education , development. ict , community , Bandwidth


My friend, Lauren van der Vyver recently wrote an article about development and sustainability for Grocotts Online .

“A bold plan to create new business hubs in Grahamstown's townships was announced at a Mayoral Business Forum meeting at the Graham Hotel recently.

Apr 12


Posted by GeraldineKent in university degree , tree hugger , technology , sustainability south africa , sustainability , south africa , rhodes university , Research , poverty , politics , patriot , ngo , New Media , matriculation , Journalism , humanity , history , hippie , Government , global warming , environment , Education , economics , digital media , development , culture , community , activist , Accessibility , 2012


First things first… I am not a hippie. I am not a tree-hugger. I am not a political activist. I am just a Journalism student, who has a keen interest in History, Politics and humanity’s incredible ability to ruin all the good stuff about this planet of ours.

I am a cynic. I am critical. I do believe that we can use history and past mistakes to fix the present and secure a better future. Global warming - I think I believe it exists. The apocalypse of 2012 – I’m rooting for that to be real, for it to be a cleansing session for our world. South Africa – I’m a true patriot at heart but very aware of this country’s flaws and inability to solve crises.

Jan 05

This thing we call freedom

Posted by Paralyzer in SOMAFCO , public school , pass-rate , Education , community outreach , ANC


I saw a newspaper today and it said "Matric Passrate 98%" and I was like ,"hell no,its a lie" , "the comrades are trying to to pull a fast on us" then after my rant and post on twitter .I read the article,the 98% was for the private schools and it made sense.No need for accusations.I could believe it but it also made me go mmmmmh.Our public education has become so bad that it is inconceivable that our public school could reach a 98% especially after last years fiasco of a whole month of football that was followed by 3 or so weeks of strike  and that were naturally followed by a school holiday.Ja nee thats us Mzansi in spite of the usual challenges of overcrowding, unmotivated teachers, an uncooperative union and teen group that no one seems to understand last year was probably one of the worst schooling years in history since that of 1994.

Sep 14

Internet statistics and Facebook

Posted by sgb in internet , Facebook , Education


It may be reviled, it may be blasted for lack of security, lack of privacy, but someone out there loves Facebook.

You know you are a success when an Index has been created to show the use of your application worldwide, in comparison to the internet. And so, the latest issue of Internet World Statistics has brought out their 'Facebook Indicator' in their global statistics of Internet use, to show the percentage of internet users who are Facebook users. It is 26 by the way: 26% of all internet users worldwide use Facebook. This equates to 7% of the world's population.

May 17

17 May, World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

Posted by sgb in WTISD , ICT , Education


Today, 17th May is World Telecommunication and Information Society Day as designated by the United Nations General Assembly. This day is cosen as it marks the anniversary of the signing of the first International Telegraph Convention and the creation of the International Telecommunication Union

The theme for this year is 'Better Cities, better life, with ICTs.

May 03

Special Invitation to a Special Concert in a Special Location!

Posted by Dissol in Greenpoint , Education , Disability , Cape Town Stadium , Accessibility , 2010 World Cup , 2010


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