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Oct 11

East Coast Radio Is The Devil

Posted by DevilTrigger in Radio , east , Durban , devil , coast


Neil Diamond is coming to South Africa. Woo hoo, hip hip replacement hooray, and whatever other random jubilation you can think of. Most miraculous about this is that he is coming to Durban. Yes, Durban, that glorious city in our country who always gets bummed when it comes to getting decent international artists.

Jun 14

Disgraceful... Or... How to shoot yourself in the foot.

Posted by Dissol in Soccer World Cup , Durban , 2010


As Barrmar reported in his blog, South Africa is getting some fantastic publicity all around the world.  This has not been easy to acheive...but very very simple to lose...

So why the f*** did the Stewards in Durban decide to go on the rampage in the car park after the match there??  Apparently the police had to fire tear gas, and there were some arrests.

The stewards may well have a legitimate beef...  But this is not the time or place or method to try to sort it out.  This is how it has been reported on the BBC news website:

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