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Dec 01

My tech year in review: The highlights and low-lights

Posted by Jawellnofine in YouTube , technology , rape , opinion , murder , ipad , Facebook , Digital , blackberry


Apr 13

Fast Forward: The future of paywalls and free news online

Posted by fastforward in paywall , payment , online , news , new york times , Journalism , future , free , Digital


Apr 13

Facebook Citizens Rise

Posted by Pumelela Nqelenga in south africa , municipal election , inkatha freedom party , ifp , Facebook , Digital , democratic alliance , Democracy , da , citizen , african national congress

Pumelela Nqelenga


Oct 01

Digital Plagiarism is only bad when it suits you!

Posted by OS GIKEN in plagiarism , Plagiarise , microsoft , iTunes , Digital


After having read Barmar's article about digital plagiarism, he explained how some websites had used his content without his regard. But this then got me thinking, at the end of his article he identifies with the pure fact that...he actually does not mind if he's work is being plagiarized, as long as it draws traffic towards his article!


Money, exposure:
Its alright as long as there is exposure to my articles. This is my stance on it. I'm sure Microsoft does not care if demo versions of IE9 are floating around, as long as that demo version somehow leads to a sale on the full version or a sale of some other Microsoft product. It comes back to piracy in some way, that's how iTunes started. Don't buy the physical cd, go online like you would normally steal mp3's, and then just let the better of your morality take over, and buy the mp3 for $2!

I guess its ok if:
This leads to the actual truth about plagiarism. If it somehow brings you traffic to your blog, which inevitably means more hits which equates to more money, you won't worry or care! But, will you then pay that website, or person who plagiarized your work, and then unknowingly and most probably unintentionally lead more hits to your blog? I doubt that anyone would pay the people who promote their work! But as soon as they see their work on some other site, its called plagiarism.


Think about it...If you see your work on another website, someone quoting your work and linking it, you would immediately ask...who gave them the right...and shout plagiarism from the top of a mountain! But 5 minutes into the shout, you are told that this link actually brought with it 10 000 views through redirected traffic to your original somehow becomes o.k?

So, we can go off on a tangent and proclaim once and for all, its not plagiarism if it does benefit you, the owner, the originator of the material!

Aug 17

The Pink Floyd bidding war

Posted by The Source in sales , pink floyd , lady gaga , Justin Bieber , enimen , Digital

The Source

Major record labels are seriously a dying breed if they are bidding for the Pink Floyd catalogue.

Jun 04

Digital backlog...

Posted by zookuki in writing , time , life , Digital , backlog


Hi All

I haven't been on MyDigitalLife in, well, years.  There are just so many blogging, social-networking and wiki sites to spill one's guts and air one's views that I must admit I've gone completely ape-sh!t on the net. 
Back again and laughing at my two little blogs that I posted way back. Much has changed and much has remained the same. Growth and time seems to remind us concurrently how insignificant AND important we are. Reflection gives us great epiphanies with regards to those dumb-as-brick things we've done and those amazing superhuman acts of bravery and resilience. 
My job is to write... so I guess I'll keep my blog updated more regularly nowadays... looking forward to some constructive digitizations (aka digital conversations) and soul-replenishing digilogues (aka digital monologues).

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mar 24

Things we can learn from MacGyver in Digital Lifestyle

Posted by The Source in macgyver , lifestyle , learn , expensive , Digital

The Source

Maintaining a digital lifestyle is a not only an expensive thing to do but it is also complicated at times.

Mar 24

Digital Photo fun

Posted by thenack in thesource , thenack , software , photo , noise , freeware , Digital , color



This post is all about getting the "pro" in your amature digital photos, for free.
I wondered why I couldn't get those super bright, super sharp images with my camera. Turns out, I wasn't cheating like the pros. Now if you want the best results, you could spend lots of money (thousands) and lots of time to get and figure out photoshop. Or you could just try phototoolkit. Yip, for frie.

It actually works as a plugin to you normal windows picture and fax viewer. IT offers all the usual stuf, brightness, contrast and color correction, but a few others as well. Mosst notably for a free program, denoising. But some more on this in another post. Lets start with a few examples.

Say you have a bad picture of you some guy. Now first you want to correct the color and crop out the other guy. We only need the famous person forr this picture and will therefore cut out the other guy. K.

Use autocolor and crop.

Great, now we have only the famous guy. Now, we have to tweak his facial expression a little. Use the morph function and you have a smiling Source, very rare photo indeed.


But it really isn't a great smile, so lets see what we can do about that.... Create custom animated gifs at!

Created with gifninja by thenack
Mar 04

Bonzai Kittens and Laptops for free

Posted by thenack in laptop , kitten , i-pod , garmin , Games , gadget , Digital , camera , bonzai , body morph , aution


How to "grow your own"

Bonzai Kitty: This site explains is: "Dedicated to preserving the long lost art of body modification in house pets."

Notice the conformal shaping accelerated through the use of calcium sequestering agent to soften bone structure. After 1 month skull will attain complete conformity to flat surface resulting in the desirable "bonsai kitty" expression.

They go into the details of how to seal of kitty’s anus with super-glue, and how to insert the feeding and breathing tubes.

They also sell everything you need to "bonzai" you own kitten

Go check it out, very informative : Bonzai Kitten

Mar 03

Why you SHOULD get a 1GHz processor....

Posted by thenack in those were the days , RAM , pentium , pc , gadgets , Digital , CRT , computers


Yip, I still remember those days, the first PC I bought myself. My previous two were a really cheap piece of crap running DOS that my dad got secondhand for me. The second I got from my bursary company, also second hand, and the previous owner basically used it as a place to whipe his snot on. It also did not work very well.
Come the day that PC mag had a front page articel. Why you SHOULD get a 1 GHz processor. Yip. The first Pentium 1GHz processors. I had to have one. For once in my life I would get the best available. I was still a student but was earning a bit through lab assistant and a whole bunch of other weird things. So I got it. Pentium 1GHz with 1GHz ram and a pretty neat video card. 15 inch CRT, bitchin.
PCMAG was right, that was the best PC I ever got, I can stil play quake III Arena on it like a madman (the CRT will kill your eyes though), it has all my photos from varsity. Running smooth, never been formatted or anything.
Now I have a laptop with 4 X better specs that is slow and full of crap. I have a quadcore 3GHz PC with 8GHz ram and a friggen video card with more power than my original PC, and it dies about once a year.
That PC is like the nissan 1400 bakkie of computers, I'll always keep it around, they don't make them like they used to.....

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