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Sep 05

Codes of the mobile future

Posted by Howie2.0 in qr codes , mobile , iPhone , immediate , Data , Convenience , cellular , blackberry , barcodes


QR (Quick Response) codes are 2D barcodes and one of the innovations promising immediacy in data retrieval. They work in a similar way to the barcodes used in retail – where they are used to store product quantity and prices, except QR codes can hold much more data.

Aug 30

“Dumbphone” of the season: Vodafone 555 Blue

Posted by Mobile Kugel in vodafone 555 blue , south africa , Smartphone , qwerty , nexus s , lower income groups , Facebook , edge , dumbphone , Data , cost , cheap , blackberry , application , adsl , 3G , 2.5g

Mobile Kugel

Yes, I know the general term for WAP enabled phones these days is “smartphone”, but after doing some research on the Vodafone 555 Blue, I had to borrow the term “dumbphone” from Tech Crunch’s Chris Velazco.

Jun 28

Voice Logging: A perspective

Posted by Jawellnofine in voice logging , vintonet communications , logging , Data , Consumer protection act , company efficiency


Think like a wise man, but communicate in the language of the people.” – William Butler Yeats.

May 31

Pocahontas and the web app

Posted by Mobile Kugel in web app , Symbian , south africa , software , platforms , operating systems , native app , mobile , michael calore , marketing , IOS , internet , hybrid , HTML5 , global intellegence alliance , gadgets , Data , conversion rate , appstore , appstore , application , android

Mobile Kugel

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word ‘native’?

May 17

Google Music: the pisher for now

Posted by Mobile Kugel in YouTube , us , united states , streaming , south africa , music library , music beta , MP3 , iTunes , internet connection , google music , Google , Dropbox , Data , Cloud , blackberry , android , amazon cloud player , 8Ta

Mobile Kugel

Doll, just when you thought Google had enough control over pretty much everything, the macher’s have to bring out Google Music.

May 03

Polar bears and iPads, ice bergs and Blackberry’s, forests and Twitter.

Posted by GeraldineKent in world resource , water , Twitter , tree fellers , sustainability , survival , pollution , polar bears , planet , peak oil , news , nb , natural resources , metals , lobbying , land , Journalism , jeremy grantham , ignorance , ice bergs , hydracarbons , growth , going green , go gree , global warming , fishermen , finite resources , filter , fertiliser , farmers , environment , development , developed countries , Data , crisis , corporations , commodities , advocating , advocate


This week’s post deals with the issue of our world’s resources, and the severe crisis in trying to sustain these valuable commodities. I stumbled upon this post whilst wading through a very long list of new Twitter feeds. 

Now because I am a Journalism student, I've had to adapt to the habit of receiving an inordinate amount of news, at all hours of the day and using my own filter to decide what I need to read right away, what I need to read by the end of the day, and what I can add to a list of things I’ll hopefully read later on this year (key word – hopefully). 

Apr 27

Android is Socialist. Apple is Capitalist.

Posted by Mobile Kugel in xcode , south africa , socialist , Smartphone , open handset alliance , JAVA , IOS , ideos , google android app inventor , Google , Data , capitalist , blackberry , Bandwidth , android , africa

Mobile Kugel

I was talking to my sister the other day, the one that resembles a kichel. She was asking me what the difference is between all the phones that are on the market.

Sep 04

A picture (or at least a diagram) paints a thousand words

Posted by Dissol in religion , NYTimes , Data


Being stuck under prolonged house arrest has given me opportunity to catch up with some reading; I have been going through countless scientific papers recently.  I have also had chance to read many more news sites, from all around the world.

This article in the New York Times caught my eye.  After reading through different scientific papers, where they present data in a variety of different ways, I actually thought that this diagram is very, very powerful.  There are so many conclusions that you are able to draw from this clear representation of data.  To the extent that I am not going to comment - you can draw your own conclusions!!

Mar 18

RDS comes alive on my radio

Posted by EgbertFly in traffic , System , RDS , Radio , protocol , information. , FM , Data , Communication , broadcast , Alive



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