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Sep 06

New Media + Communication = Green power for all

Posted by GeraldineKent in sustainability , south africa , ngo , New Media , information society , ICT , green power , digital technology , development , Communication


After many weeks of blogging on sustainability, renewable energy sources, solar power, education systems, economic problems and much more... I have come to the realisation that I achieved my goal for this blog without even realising it.

May 27

Does Disability Mean Inability?

Posted by DigitalAmazon in Zambia , technology , screen reader software , organisation , Mary , initiative , HIV positive , Ford Escape , drive , Disability , computers , Communication , children , Chapo , Car , businesses , Braille displays , braille , blind , ARV's , Anthony Riccobono


Imagine that you are a middle aged woman living in a township called Kamwala in Zambia. You are HIV positive, widowed and yet you have managed to rise above the odds and raise two healthy children aged ten and sixteen. You are the breadwinner and everyday you ensure that your children are well fed and taken care of. You grew up having big dreams just like anyone else. Now those dreams are not as vivid as they used to be because everyday your daughter has to give you your ARV’s and you need to use a walking stick, not because you are weak but because you have gone blind.

May 04

Technology: Bin Laden’s Downfall

Posted by iExperience in technology , osama bin laden , nga , national geospatial-intelligence agency , internet , cyberspace , Communication , cia , central intelligence agency , abbottabad


Image of Osama bin Laden by Anxo Resua

It is simply ironic that Osama bin Laden’s decision to avoid having communication tools like the telephone and Internet in his villa hideout were one of the clues that lead US officials to his doorstep. The very same technology he dismissed, assisted Central Intelligence Agency (
CIA) officials in eventually tracking him down.

Aug 10

Google knows best ...

Posted by barrmar in Search engines , localised searches , Google , Communication


Dissol's constructive criticisms posted earlier  has raised some interesting issues. Not least is the value of communication. 

Aug 06

internet illiteracy and some other rants...

Posted by zookuki in the power of the internet , Social Networking , SEO marketing , passing fads , internet illiteracy , ignorance , EXCO , copy and paste , Communication


How do you explain this one?

So the rather large (and significant) financial services company I work for FINALLY decided to tap into social media.  Okay tapping is a bit of a hefty word, let's say we're, er, well sticking a finger into a room adjacent to a room with an old pc (DOS) in.  

Mar 18

RDS comes alive on my radio

Posted by EgbertFly in traffic , System , RDS , Radio , protocol , information. , FM , Data , Communication , broadcast , Alive



Feb 21

Digital Friendships vs. non digital friendships

Posted by DBS in Communication , brian joffe , bidvest


I spent a lot of time in December on Facebook. It sucked me in and had me checking 3-4 times a day (which for some is not a lot) on what was going on. Did I really learn anything absolutely vital in that time?

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