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Sep 04

Social Networks, And Then Some...

Posted by ShackledMuse in social profiles , Social networks , Online presence , facebook twitter google etc , Cloud Computing , Cloud


Can one really have too many social networking profiles? This is the question I ask myself while configuring my new Shareaholic button.

Mar 24

Hosted "on the cloud" solutions becoming the norm for business applications

Posted by barrmar in Remote hosting , on the cloud , hosted solutions , Cloud Computing


Being involved in the IT industry, it becomes more and more evident that hosted solutions are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

Oct 12

Cloud Computing - risks and dangers

Posted by barrmar in security issues , dangers of cloud computing , cloud data loss , Cloud Computing


Cloud Bursts: The problem with Cloud Computing by RIC007GP alerted me to the risks and dangers of on the cloud computing. 

Sep 28

Cloud Bursts: The problem with Cloud Computing

Posted by RIC007GP in Xmarks , ipad , Google , Cloud Computing , browsers


I wrote in an earlier post about the direction I thought personal computing was taking, using the iPad as my inspiration. In simple terms I said that computing was heading for the cloud and that machines would not need the storage and processing power of current PCs.

Feb 15

The Cloud - taking our jobs?

Posted by OS GIKEN in SP's , Service Providers , SaaS , Jobs , IT services , IT Service Providers , IT department , Cloud Computing , Cloud , ASP , Application Service Providers


We all have different opinions and definitions of what a cloud is and should look like. Some cite paragraphs of praise for something very new, and some shout anger for something completely misunderstood. I for one tend to sit and read some very interesting ideas on SaaS or the old term, ASP, or Application Service Provider, I read ideas on how to implement this idea, how to make it work, where to get it, and the more I read about the idea or function, the more I can't stop thinking about the fact that these guys are selling us doom!

Think about it, in 20 years, your service to the company, your role, will be executed by a service provider, and
you'll probably just manage that service or the service provider.

Our jobs or their jobs?

Feb 04

Dropbox pushes to mobile

Posted by Jas in mobile , Dropbox , Cloud Computing


Jan 23

Game Streaming A Reality?

Posted by Toaster in OnLive , Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is set to change the way we use our PCs by running and accessing all our day to day applications online from office tools (thing Google Docs) and if Google has their way even our operating systems (Google Chrome OS). By doing everything online you won't need a powerful, expensive PC since all the processing and storage is done on remote servers saving everyone a lot of money. The major downside to all this is that the quality of a cloud computing experience is all reliant on the quality, speed and availability of an internet connection not such a big problem for corporates in first world countries but it's becoming an increasing issue for home internet users with ever more stringent limitations being placed on bandwidth and speed especially in the United States and of course in South Africa a fast affordable internet connection beyond the reach of the average SA citizen and will be so for quite some time.

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