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Dec 01

Pippen's technology high's and low's

Posted by Pippen in tablet , Steve Jobs , IOS , Cloud , apps , android


What technology innovation has changed the course of time?...

Sep 04

Social Networks, And Then Some...

Posted by ShackledMuse in social profiles , Social networks , Online presence , facebook twitter google etc , Cloud Computing , Cloud


Can one really have too many social networking profiles? This is the question I ask myself while configuring my new Shareaholic button.

May 17

Google Music: the pisher for now

Posted by Mobile Kugel in YouTube , us , united states , streaming , south africa , music library , music beta , MP3 , iTunes , internet connection , google music , Google , Dropbox , Data , Cloud , blackberry , android , amazon cloud player , 8Ta

Mobile Kugel

Doll, just when you thought Google had enough control over pretty much everything, the macher’s have to bring out Google Music.

Feb 15

The Cloud - taking our jobs?

Posted by OS GIKEN in SP's , Service Providers , SaaS , Jobs , IT services , IT Service Providers , IT department , Cloud Computing , Cloud , ASP , Application Service Providers


We all have different opinions and definitions of what a cloud is and should look like. Some cite paragraphs of praise for something very new, and some shout anger for something completely misunderstood. I for one tend to sit and read some very interesting ideas on SaaS or the old term, ASP, or Application Service Provider, I read ideas on how to implement this idea, how to make it work, where to get it, and the more I read about the idea or function, the more I can't stop thinking about the fact that these guys are selling us doom!

Think about it, in 20 years, your service to the company, your role, will be executed by a service provider, and
you'll probably just manage that service or the service provider.

Our jobs or their jobs?

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