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Nov 19

Checkers' sound - (((Better and Better)))

Posted by Phoenix Benedict in voices , shopping , Checkers , audio branding

Phoenix Benedict

Recently the Shoprite Checkers brand has had a make-over worthy of mentioning. Aquamarine, lime yellow and white coincided with an attractive female voice-over singing the brand's affordable luxury praises. Talking about singing, all of this happens to the continuous background of Cabaret-meets-King Singers all-male (baritones and tenors) 'doo-doop too too too doo-wah'. At first this might seem a bit cheap and nasty, but at a second glance or rather hearing, a golden thread of skillful craftmanship appears.

Musically speaking the mode (major), tempo (medium fast), register (mid to high), lack of textual syntacts and cabaret feel, evokes an attractive experience for the viewer/listener. No other instruments are used, just voices singing a Capella, i.e. without accompaniment. The benefit of a Capella male voices basically humming along for 30' is an association of strength, playfulness, relaxation, skillful showmanship yet structure and reliability. These are qualities that any brand aspires to communicate to their current and future clients.

What's more is that you can immediately identify a Shoprite Checkers advert only via its audio brand, which makes its audio brand unique and so much more memorable.

I wish more brands invested in voicing their still silent brand qualities.

Feb 27

SPAM SPAM SPAM - How much is too much?

Posted by Flycatchr in [grrr] , Worldchat , spam , marketing , Checkers



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