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Sep 13

I, Computer

Posted by redsaid in Ragel State Machine , Ragel , Never name your child this , Google Name Game , Charmed , Canada , Bagel , Adrian Thurston


Or perhaps a more accurate title would be: I, Computer Program. But wait, let me explain:

Sep 06

Rock The Vote

Posted by redsaid in zimbabwe , Vote , , mydigitallife , Election , Charmed , Best Science and Technology Blog , 2010 South African Blog Awards


Yo, Saffas! Did you know that there is currently an important local election going on? But don't worry, you foreigners who live here, you don't have to be a holder of the (worthless) green passport to be able to vote in this particular election. In fact, you don't even have to live in South Africa or ever have set your foot on our fair shores as a visitor to cast your vote.

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