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Apr 06

Language censorship on DSTV

Posted by barrmar in sanitised language , DSTV , Censorship


All movies on DSTV are shown with either a Family language option or an Original language option. Each film is defaulted to show the "family" version where a whole string of commonly used words are silenced. 

Sep 22

Google, and censorship

Posted by sgb in Transparency report , internet , Information bill , Google , Facebook , Censorship


Is Censorship possible in the cyber age?

Sep 04

Defend the freedom of expression

Posted by barrmar in media tribunal , Freedom of Speech , freedom , free press , Censorship


A new Media Tribunal has been proposed by the ANC as a means of controlling the press. While the proponents of this tribunal claim that the intentions in no way conflict with the ideals of press freedom, such measures always do carry a huge risk. 

Jun 01

Where is the DSTV porn channel?

Posted by barrmar in Porn on TV , Porn channel , Multichoice , DSTV , conservative mind-set , Censorship


Multichoice have run a few surveys on the potential for a subscription based porn channel. The most recent was towards the end of last year. But as the time ticks by, the prospect of a porn channel on DSTV seems no closer than it ever was. 

May 27

A little bit of porn.

Posted by sgb in Pornography , ISP , Censorship


Once again the government has re-introduced the prospect of censorship on the internet and on cellphones: the law against digital pornography.

May 22

The Lifeblood of Society (or why Internet Censorship is attempted by dictatorships)

Posted by Dissol in internet , Feeedom of Expression , Control , Censorship



May 20

Facebook and Youtube banned in Pakistan – Pakistan Pokes no more

Posted by MikeZilla in YouTube , social media , pakistan , Facebook , Censorship


 Youtube banned in pakistan In the growing and ever expanding world of technology, we are free to say what we want. We have youtube the most amazing platform ever to raise the voice and consciousness of the planet. We have twitter, facebook and a plethora of other social media advances waiting to be created. Facebook twitter et al represent the first truly global communities in the history of civilisation. We are at the brink. We lucky few are living through a fundamental change in the structures of human civilisation and the emergence of social media societies. Yet in the midst of all this change the more things stay the same.

Apr 29

Censorship: iPorn you porn we all mourn for phone porn

Posted by MikeZilla in Porn , iPhone , Censorship , Apple


Well not really. While wandering around the internet I came upon an article about porn on the iPhone. So in an attempt to make the iPhone more family friendly, Steve Jobs and his Apple minions are cracking down on iPhone porn. It seems that the iPhone will not run any apps deemed to be pornographic.

Mar 08

Everyone has the right to Information

Posted by sgb in internet , Freedom of Expression , Censorship


Everyone has the right to access information from whatever public source requested without restriction. In the current world this will mean it is a fundamental Human Right to have unfettered internet access.

Jan 17

More rage against Censorship...and the use of naughty words...

Posted by Dissol in Censorship


Continuing on my theme of Censorship, and naughty words...  I offer the following (famous) advert from the Land of the Long White Cloud...

Now, anyone with sensitive ears or a delicate dispostion need not watch the video...  But I am putting it here for 3 reasons.

  1.  I doubt the sensitive SA censors would allow it here...
  2.  It only works with that particular naughty word..."oh dear" would not hack it.
  3.  It is bloody funny...and if it does not put a smile on your face then you need help...urgently!!

[video: 200x200]

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