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Jan 22

Opening Event at Cape Town Stadium

Posted by Dissol in Cape Town Stadium , Accessibility , 2010


I blogged from the opening event from the Nelson Mandela Multipurpose Stadium in PE.  Tomorrow, I shall try to do the same from the Cape Town Stadium at Greenpoint.  It is the opening event Santos vs Ajax Cape Town.  Tickets were limited to 20,000 - but no surprise, all sold out!

We have to have a minimum of 3 events at each stadium.  This is the first, the second will be a rugby match - WP vs Boland, which will be restricted to 40,000.  Then the final event will be a 50,000 seat prayer session with some TV televangelist...

I'll try to take my camera tomorrow, but may end up watching the game from the security offices (this is the best place often to check on pedestrian flows).

I think tomorrow should be interesting - this is the order of events (OK, there are two features on the list that do nothing for me...) :

Dec 24

The Jewel in the Crown?

Posted by Dissol in Cape Town Stadium


I don't know...maybe I am ever so slightly biased...  But this photo that Joanne took (remember to have a look at her blog), is just amazing.  Cape Town is a beautiful city...and it was always going to be difficult to design & build a stadium in keeping with the Fairest Cape.

I think that has been acheived.  It has been formally handed over to the client (City of Cape Town), and on 21st December at 15h02, "Practical Completion" was reached. 
Bring on the games!!  I am sure that we will hear from FIFA at some stage that the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup were "the best games ever..."    But this time they will be right!!!!

Dec 03

FIFA Madness...

Posted by Dissol in Cape Town Stadium