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Jun 03

Skyrove eyes 2.6GHz broadband frequency

Posted by SimonB in WiFi , Vodacom , VirginMobile , Skyrove , MTN , Henk Kleynhans , CEO , CellC , Broadband , 4G , 2.6GHz


Henk Kleynhans CEO of is making waves again.  This time he plans to take on industry gaints (Vodacom, MTN, CellC and VirginMobile) by participating in the auction for national radio frequency in the 2,6GHz band.

May 17

The CIO/CEO must go!

Posted by OS GIKEN in Vineet Nayar , Sunday Times , retrenchements , recession , India , HCL Technologies , CIO , CEO


Since we are going through a very uncertain time, I read this article which ignited a fury in me, a damning silence has got to come to an end and we have to follow the new wave of performance management in IT or any other discipline!

Vineet Nayar, the CEO of HCL Technologies is the kind of man I'd love to work for, I'd work there 1st before I start aiming for Google! He is of the fallible belief that CIO's/CEO's/Bosses in general should be the 1st to leave should a company decide to cut the fat. It’s a world wide trend that when hit by disaster, a company would start from the bottom up when firing/retrenching, and from the top down when hiring/replacing. This, in kind words, is total bull shit!


When I'm the CIO/CEO of a company, I take it that my salary isn't there based on my merits, but merely a reminder that I'm paid to perform. I would be aware that the direction of the IT department or the company, has been entrusted in my hands, and I'll have to steer it to success or at least be better than last year or the last CIO/CEO. This is not the case, there was numerous scandalous endeavors world wide at the end state of the recession when millions of people lost their jobs, but CIO's/CEO's kept their jobs, to make matters worse for reckoning, they even got paid bonuses and got pay increases! Since when has the CIO/CEO been the most important aspect of a business' future? In all honesty, the one leading is generally the one barking the most, but who are the ones carrying out the orders, actually delivering on his demand, his strategy, following his principles and guidance?

Strategic strategy:

It does not matter what the company or department goes through, when the proverbial shit hits the fan, the 1st to account has to be the CIO/CEO. It is their duty to make sure that shit never comes to hitting that fan! If anything, they should be standing in front of that fan taking that shit in the face, as long as it does not hit that fan! Strategy was my least favorite module at university, because it all seemed so vague, so blasé, it all seemed like horsing around. I could not understand how some people would accept those thumb sucked figures, those scribbled, last minute added timelines, and worst of all, those after thought rescue strategies that CIO's/CEO's proposed!

"We'll hit 15 million tons of production in Q4 bringing our total net to more than 15% up on Q4 last year  - if we invest heavily in China plants with minimal wages, cut all jobs at our Malaysia plant and spend that budget in China"

Strategy, that goes wrong, that does not make provision for what-if's is bad strategy in my experience-less book, but its the same CIO's/CEO's who drove that strategy, who failed at delivering that strategy, and who now are faced with cutting jobs, and who will even sign off the job cutting strategy!
I'm safe:

Why are they always safe? Why do CIO's/CEO's still get to make decisions when failure came and went and everybody else has to deal with possible retrenchments but the CIO/CEO is the one driving this solution to the company's problem? Why do they get to decide the fate of employees when their decisions are what got us here in the 1st place? In fact, they should be the ones taking the blame, and paying for it 1st!

All in all, a company that loves its CIO/CEO more than it does its employees, its soldiers, is doomed from the start, there should be love for no one, everyone, CIO's/CEO's and employees should be accountable for when things go wrong, and everyone should be treated equal when things go wrong, but most importantly, accountability should start from the top, where it all started!

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