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Jun 24

Ambush Marketing - FIFA shooting itself in the head

Posted by The Organ Harvester in World Cup 2010 , FIFA , Budweiser , Bavaria Beer , Ambush Marketing

The Organ Harvester


Jun 15

Foreigners...stop bending over backwards for them!

Posted by OS GIKEN in Vuvuzella , strike , stadium , Soweto , Soccer World Cup , Soccer City , foreigners , FIFA , Budweiser , Black Label


I got to know a couple of these bastards yesterday at the Soccer City stadium! We complain about our own braking stadiums apart when things don't go their way and we are bombarded with news reports and articles telling us how happy and grateful we should be because we'll be getting all these people from over the waters into our country...basically saying with the little tongue we should behave ourselves.
Strike at Soccer City

Strike dem:

With these strikes happening now, the neigh sayers are now up in arms, blaming South Africa again for uneducated and uncultured people striking when we have "visitors" because, how bad will it look when the visitors see how we act when we don't get our way? No, I say; if there is unfairness and irregularities, get to the streets and strike! F all these visitors who need to be painted a freakin picture of how South Africa is. We have strikes all the time because the poor people who do lowly jobs are forever being taken advantage of!

Soweto cooling towers

Show dem:

I walked in Soweto yesterday to the stadium, which looks brilliant, the facilities are remarkable, but as happy and proud as it made me, it made me sad at the same time, not to mention very angry. Why, when the visitors come here, do we have to keep up pretences and show them a good time, why don't we as South Africans get to have a good time all the time? Why are the train services all of a sudden free? Why must people who earn R150 a week, still pay for that Metro train service after the World Cup? People I walked with talked about how nice and modern Soweto looked; I laughed and told them to tell their tour bus operator to take them to the real Soweto... They looked at me not understanding and replied with "but we are in Soweto", no you're not, you’re in the place where the big pretty stadium is, 1 km from here people are living in poverty!

F bomb

F dem:

I was with these foreigners whom we are supposed to be friendly to and welcome into our country, but at the same time, their manners and drunkards surprised the hell out of many people. They become unruly with 2 Budweiser’s in their system, what if they had to drink Black Label? They are rude, abusive towards woman and flippen irritating. I walked with some of them and they commented on how amazed they were that we could actually build the stadium and how we actually had transport...and laughed at our taxis! I say to them...F you all!

I don't see why we as South Africa need to change to accommodate these foreigners when they come here and criticize each and everything we do. We are more civilized then what they are...the businesses almost look past South Africans and only see foreigners they can charge ridiculous prices, I complained about a R30 ice cream, and the vendor just put the ice cream back into the box and sold it off to the Dutch guy next to me for R30, even though on the box it said R20, wow!

And on another note...most of the foreigners who complain about the vuvu...go back to singing boring songs when your team is behind in a match or stand up and applaud every move, don't come to the stadiums if the vuvu is irritating you!

OS over and out - I don't have good experiences with the foreigners, and I don't like this whole fakeness surrounding our country where we are expected to  behave just because these guys are in our country! We don't have time for foreigners who think they can come here and cause malice or come here with preconceived notions of what they've been fed by their media. To the foreigners who are here to enjoy the games and culture of South Africa, like the guys from Mexico and some Dutch guys, they ones at the shabeen in Soweto...thanks for supporting the true South African culture, to the foreigners who buy vuvuzella's and blow the hell out of it thanks for proving that its a soccer thing, soccer is meant to be crazy, meant to be enjoyed and noise is always there where soccer is, its already on par with the best soccer world cup in history! And to that grandpa who sat 2 seats behind me telling me to sit down because he cannot see, this is a soccer match mate, we get excited and then the natural thing to do is to stand up and cheer...if you like to be seated, go get a higher seat...F bomb for you!