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Mar 25

I'm launching my own brand - OPINIONATORS

Posted by OS GIKEN in Intelectual Property , Brand


I've had this idea for some time now. I love opinions, my own at least. I also love to share it with others willing to listen. My brand will be completely fresh and target a broad market that all feel the same and have the same sentiments.

It's for people who are opinionated, who have a voice that needs to be heard. Who's fed up with hearing others' opinions, which have their own to ad? I'll give them a platform to voice that opinion.

I've been working on this idea, and its rough and in infant stages, much like my daughter,  but if I don't try it now I'll always be stuck with this idea, and who knows, maybe someone else will steal it from me.

Thus I'll be registering my name in the coming weeks and also my future intellectual property and how I present it. The way I want to present it has been done before but as long as my idea is presented like this, its still fresh and never been done before.

What makes mine different? Well for starters I have the balls to say it and I don't sugarcoat anything. That should give you guys a little bit of a clue what I'm thinking. I don't expect it to go national just yet. I do expect it to at least reach some people who I know have the same feelings as I do. I'll do test runs for some time...and then I'll start taking orders!
Do be warned...this is not for the faint hearted - if you consider yourself an individual with an inkling of backbone in you, you'll buy my product with a smile...till then...become an OPINIONATOR...and join the revolution!

OS over and out - pursuing this is something I've been longing to do for some time now, I feel that there is a moerse gap in that market, some would say that its all been done before, some would embrace it. I have one thing riding for me...if 70% of businesses in South Africa survive while being utterly useless at service delivery or great quality can mine fail?