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Aug 08

Curating your own stories

Posted by Howie2.0 in Twitter , storyful , storify , interfaces , flickr , Facebook , curation , Blogs , aggregators


With so much information all over the place, it can be frustrating to remember where you saw what. One of the solutions to this problem is curating information and bundling it into a multi-source package stream like services such as Storify and Storyful.

Apr 20

Where to draw the line

Posted by Nasreen in workplace , social netwrking sites , reputation , fired by facebook , Facebook , discrimination , Blogs


With facebook being one of the most popular social networking sites used, it would appear to be the most appropriate place for users to express their feelings, over share information and check up on others.

Aug 28

Improving MyDL

Posted by barrmar in mydl , hits , Blogs


A number of MyDL bloggers have been going to great lengths in attempt to revive MyDL from the slump that has seen the number of hits (visitors) and the number of posts plummet over recent months. 

Jun 21

Blogging - Content on MyDL should be your own

Posted by barrmar in plagiarism , original material , cut and paste , Blogs


I have come across sites that offer articles that can be copied for free onto your blog. There are even subscription services that send you a few articles daily that are available free to post on your site. 

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