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May 04

See the world through your cellphone screen

Posted by fastforward in wikitude , mobile , cellphone , Blackberry Bold , blackberry , Augmented Reality , Apple , app , andriod


May 12

Blackberry Bold 9700 - the pros and the cons

Posted by barrmar in Blackberry operating system , Blackberry desktop , Blackberry Bold pros and cons , Blackberry Bold , blackberry 9700


I have had the Blackberry Bold 9700 since January and have had enough time to get to know the features of the phone well enough. Although I am not a Blackberry fanatic, I must admit to some of the phone's excellent features:

Feb 04

Garmap for Mobile is free with the Blackberry Bold after all

Posted by barrmar in Garmap for Mobile , Cell phone GPS , Blackberry Bold


My earlier report that the Garmap for Mobile licence had expired was due to a glitch with the Bllackberry GPS subscription. Full turn by turn voice navigation is covered. The navigation works well and is easy to use. 

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