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May 26

Twitter makes you a better journalist

Posted by Nasreen in twitterfountain , Twitter , tweettag , tweets , tweetmeme , tweetfind , tweetbig , social media platform , real-time , osama bin laden , online media , newsroom , news agenda , hudson plane crash , followers , Bandwidth , al qaeda


The social media platform Twitter never really appealed to me until I learned more about it in class the other day. I always thought it accumulated unnecessary updates every second and the limited number of characters was so restricting. But getting to know more about twitter has made me realise that this media platform is a valuable resource for print and online journalists.

Apr 27

Android is Socialist. Apple is Capitalist.

Posted by Mobile Kugel in xcode , south africa , socialist , Smartphone , open handset alliance , JAVA , IOS , ideos , google android app inventor , Google , Data , capitalist , blackberry , Bandwidth , android , africa

Mobile Kugel

I was talking to my sister the other day, the one that resembles a kichel. She was asking me what the difference is between all the phones that are on the market.

Apr 20

Grahamstown's development goals

Posted by GeraldineKent in township regeneration strategy , sustainability , poverty , Port Elizabeth , nombolelo , metroplan , mayoral business forum , makana , joza , grocotts , green , grahamstown , graham hotel , Education , development. ict , community , Bandwidth


My friend, Lauren van der Vyver recently wrote an article about development and sustainability for Grocotts Online .

“A bold plan to create new business hubs in Grahamstown's townships was announced at a Mayoral Business Forum meeting at the Graham Hotel recently.

Jun 17

Save bandwidth by setting up email correctly

Posted by sgb in Thunderbird , Outlook , mozilla , microsoft , email client , email , Bandwidth


A little used and little known feature of MS-Outlook is the ability to see message headers without downloading anything from your email server, thereby saving you precious and expensive bandwidth.

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