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Dec 02

2011 - About Black Outs, Raging and Gaming

Posted by ShackledMuse in RIM , rage , blackberry , BIS



Oct 14

BIS (Basic Intelligence Sustainability) Outage serves as RIMinder....

Posted by Wolfe in RIM , outage , BIS , BB


It's with great....who am I kidding.....let me rephrase....It's with little interest that I read the posts and comments with regards to the recent BB BooBoo. Being a BlackBerry owner I heard my fair share of jokes....well...most of them almost made it to level high enough to be classified as a joke anyway....

Oct 12

The day the Berries died

Posted by ShackledMuse in service failure , RIM , research in motion , Blackberry outage , blackberry , BIS , bbm



Sep 16

Why the Blackberry has become the most popular phone

Posted by barrmar in RIM , Blackberry sales , blackberry , BIS


During my most recent visits to the cell-phone shops is has become patently obvious that Blackberries are outselling all other products in the cell phone market. 

Aug 11

I swapped the Blackberry for a Nokia!

Posted by barrmar in Nokia , cell-phone gps , blackberry , BIS


It wasn't that I hated the Blackberry. The Blackberry Bold 9700 is a very well-built and solid phone. It is able to manage emails and Internet access quite well. 

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