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Apr 29

Do you have what it takes between the two big toes?

Posted by EgbertFly in Patient , lawyers , Kodak , Infringement , Apple


To take responsibility for any given situation is a skill that requires a few things like a backbone, an iron will and solid nuts.

Apr 29

Censorship: iPorn you porn we all mourn for phone porn

Posted by MikeZilla in Porn , iPhone , Censorship , Apple


Well not really. While wandering around the internet I came upon an article about porn on the iPhone. So in an attempt to make the iPhone more family friendly, Steve Jobs and his Apple minions are cracking down on iPhone porn. It seems that the iPhone will not run any apps deemed to be pornographic.

Apr 14

iPad and WePad square it off!

Posted by OS GIKEN in WiFi , WePad , iPhone , ipad , Apple , 3GS , 3G


Remember that song, I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream? Well, here's the same tune with different results...and iPad for I, and a WePad for We?

Why would people still buy Apple iPads when they can get WePads?

Apr 09

iPad, i Wonder....

Posted by YunaMonos in wireless , reviews , mobile internet , ipad , Apple , 3G



Mar 16

Apple and its patents vs. HTC and the people.

Posted by OS GIKEN in WiFi , Steve Jobs , Search , Samsung , patents , Nokia , Nexus1 , MSN , iPhone , ipad , Google , Bing , Apple , 3G


If, like me, you are for change, freedom, voice and innovation, you'd have noticed the public spat between Apple and HTC. To give you a short and narrower version, Apple sued HTC because HTC violated some of Apple's iPhone patents. The word violated correlates with wrong doing, illegal obsession, and forced action. I'm not going into the lawsuit but rather I'll focus on my unimpressed feelings towards Apple!

Pinpoint patents to its originator.

The wheel, the round thing that allows something on it to move from one point to another, cannot be pinpointed to a definitive creator! Can the liquid display technology be pinpointed to a definitive creator? Can the button be pinpointed to a definitive creator? More still, can the speaker into which one speaks be pinpointed to a definitive creator? Apple listed tons of patents that it believes HTC have used in their phones that is a direct copy of iPhone's patented products. For more info on this read here.

I understand patented law, but the shape of the iPhone has been replicated by many other phone manufacturers. The touch screen ability was the iPhone's baby, or not! We can argue that it’s never been used in a phone… yes, but what about the early, very early Palms? I have to say as much as I hate to admit it, Apple is right here, they have patented a product, and this means no one else can use it without Apple's consent. If something looks like an iPhone, one has to start asking questions... HTC and Google are partners with their Nexus1 looming as Apple iPhone's biggest competitor yet...the plot thickens!

HTC and the people.

The people of Google love innovation. HTC prides itself of 13 years worth of HTC specific innovation, like smart phones even way before every 7th grade child had the inkling know how of Tweeting on a touch screen phone that does everything, which is essentially a smart phone. Since their partnership, Apple's Steve Jobs has been rambling about Google and Apple having their own territories, their own agendas. Basically he wants them to stay where they are, and allow Apple to stay where it is...

Apple's under carpet move.

If two businesses that have never been seen as competitors exist in a market where their buyers use the same product scope, there can only be harmony! People use Google more than Bing, or MSN or whatever other search engine you would suggest to them. Now, they can use said Google on a phone, even better, an iPhone! To me business sense comes into play where you figure out ways to expand and delve into markets you are not known to show an interest in. The bookies could not predict this. But the Nexus1 will be built by HTC...what collaboration! Google and HTC gunning for the top stop, which so happens to be held by non other than Apple's iPhone.

Feb 18

Apple is watching you...

Posted by riiaan in Steve Jobs , iPod , iPhone , Greed , gadgets , Apple


Apple is watching you...

Apple patents software that will punish you if you do not watch their advertisements...

I don’t like watching TV. Too many advertisements. It is none stop, but I can understand that. The money the advertisers spend, gives me the opportunity to watch the program for free. (Kind of free, anyway).

Feb 03

iPad marketing - well done Apple!

Posted by OS GIKEN in The Grammys , Steve Jobs , Stephen Colbert , ipad , Apple


Whoever watched The Grammys 2 nights ago will still be thinking about the second when Steven Colberts pulled out that iPad - I smiled as the world of advertising as we know it, has taken a new leap into the future.

Let's not focus on the iPad for a moment here...I can already picture the guys at Apple, be it Steve or some hot shot sitting there in his corner office, sipping a cup of strong black coffee, “how do we do this” he asks.

What do you get when you put Grammys and people together? Millions of eyes and millions of eyes in your target market! I'm sure people who buy the iPad are people who are hip and up to date with technology, people who use FB and Twitter, people who already have iPhones and who would use the iStore even if it sold bread and milk!

Millions of people watched the Grammys and the guys at Apple know this. Many celebrities were there noticing the new in thing! And we all know if the celebrities have the iPad, then who won't want the iPad?

So, they call in the 1st person to go onto the stage, they don't want to introduce the iPad in the middle or at the end, when everyone's bored out of their minds, they want it to be seen when people are still excited about the night, when people can' t wait for what they are about to see unfold for the next couple of hours, and how do you start it? By introducing the iPad!

They probably sat down with Steven Colberts and negotiated with him to pull out the iPad when no one expects it - even I was hooked on the iPad when I saw Colberts pull it out. That to me is the first thing every marketing student needs to understand - the element of surprise must be there, surprise tends to elevate different emotions as opposed to a normal showcase of a new product!

We know Apple has some of the best marketing campaigns in history, but this one to me is the best by far, it got me excited about the product, a simple touch screen tablet PC...made famous by its introduction.

OS over and out - what does the pricing model in South Africa look like for the new iPad, I'm willing to put myself in debt for this thing...$499 in the US as a starting price. I hope it’s as affordable here too!

Jan 30

Amazon At War With Publisher(s).....

Posted by Toaster in Macmillan , Kindle , ipad , ebooks , DRM , Apple , Amazon


Amazon vs Macmillan

Jan 27

Apple iPad first look - the wait is finally over for Apple's tablet

Posted by MikeZilla in ipad , Apple


As us poor plebs sit on the sidelines techno paparrazi sit behind closed doors marvelling at the second coming. The Apple iPad is here. No, hardware giants, Apple have not dipped into the feminine hygiene product market, and there will be no apps to add wings. The iPad or iSlate as our friends at Apple conned us into believing it would be named has been so hyped and speculated about that unless it shipped with a 6 foot blonde and built in coffee machine there was always going to some disappointed Apple die-hards at the release of the iPad.

Jan 26

iTablet, iSlate No an iPad and I can't wait!!

Posted by DBS in iTablet , iPhone , ipad , Apple


Rumours have abounded for years about Apple producing a tablet type device and it seems that we will soon have to wait no more to see its capabilities.
It is clear from what they have done with the iPhone and iTouch that they have made huge strides in the software technology. Now we need to see how it cna be packaged into a competitive product to meet some stiff competition.