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Jun 07

iTunes 10.3 is ready for iOS 5 and iCloud

Posted by msbodetti in WWDC , Windows , Mac , iTunes , Apple


Just a few hours ago, Apple made iTunes 10.3 available for downloading. Which you can find here. I have done a Software Update check but it's not showing the new iTunes so I downloaded it and installed it manually.

Jun 06

iPhone's BBM has been unveiled : iMessage

Posted by msbodetti in iPod , iPhone , ipad , imessage , bbm , apple wwdc , Apple


At the WWDC June 2011 Keynote that ended just a few hours ago, one of the best features announced that is coming to the iDevices is iMessage; basically BBM for your iDevice.

Jun 01

Confirmed: Apple will be releasing it's iCloud service 6 June 2011

Posted by msbodetti in WWDC , spotify , mac os x lion , ios5 , icloud , Dropbox , Apple


It has been confirmed that Apple will be releasing it's iCloud service this month. The WWDC this year looks like it will be mostly around the Software updates and enhancements for Apple as well as their music streaming service which is apparently going to be big as Spotify if not even greater than.

With the absence of Steve Jobs these last 2 moths, it will be no surprise if he turns up to unveil the iCloud service together with the Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5.

May 31

Apple is now giving support for the removal of the Virus

Posted by msbodetti in virus , snow leopard , Mac , Apple


A post and update on Apple's website gives confirmation that Apple is now taking action against the virus that hit the web and Macs a few weeks ago.

In the beginning Apple briefly explains and gives information on the virus. And gives a statement that they will now develop a Software Update to remove the virus if it has been installed. This brings in some hope for Mac users.

Apple then gives detailed instructions on stopping the installation of the virus as well as removing it:

May 20

Mac OS X gets a virus and Apple tells their staff to not support

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May 18

iPod Nano Watchbands to be sold in Apple Stores

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May 15

Mac OS X Lion Preview 3 Released With New Features

Posted by msbodetti in ModMyI , mac os x lion , apple wwdc , Apple


Michael Essany of the ModMyI staff received notification that the Developers Preview 3 for OS X Lion was released on Friday evening with new features.

May 14

Not iPhone 5 but iPhone 4S

Posted by msbodetti in White iPhone 4 , iphone 5 , iPhone 4S , iPad 2 , Apple


May 12

Extending your Mac Display : Mini DisplayPort to VGA Review

Posted by msbodetti in mini displayport to dvi , mini display port to vga , Mac , extend mac display , dual monitor , Apple


If your like me and have a spare monitor lying around after putting it away due to making an investment in a Mac then here's a way of making it useful.

Why extend your display?

Well I don't know if you are like me but I tend to use a lot of Finder windows besides my other Apps that I use such as Adobe CS, Microsoft Outlook, Safari, Firefox, iTunes, Mac App Store, Stuffit Expander and many more.

And this just clusters on my desktop. With having an extended display you can put all those Finder windows or specific Apps on the new monitor with out it being drowned by the other windows.

Unfortunately I cannot do it over Wifi like I can with my iPhone via AirDisplay so I will have to get the adapter.

Where do I start?

Well you need to find out what connection your Mac takes for external viewing. If you have one of Apple's MacBooks, you can probably take the DVI or Mini DisplayPort. And the same for the iMacs.

Then you need to find out what connection your other monitor can take. It can be HDMI, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, MiniDisplayPort, Component Video etc.
I have a iMac 27 inch with Mini DisplayPort and my HP 21 inch monitor has VGA or DVI.
Go to Apple Stores Displays and Graphics page here. And you will find the various adapters for extending your Mac display.

You can get these adapters from any Apple Resellers such as the iStores or Select Incredible Connection stores or just search for it on

If you want it for HDMI or Component Video I suggest Google it and you will come across 3rd party manufacturers who make them but I don't know if it is worth it, it might be bad for video quality etc.

A lot of reviewers have found that DVI video quality is exactly the same as HDMI(Not the audio). So DVI is the best bet. Unfortunately they didn't have it in stock when I went through so I got the VGA. I'll probably get the DVI next week or so.

R300 - R400


1. The adapter is really tiny. One end will have the Mini DisplayPort male end and the other will have the female VGA end.

You need a VGA cable(Male to Male) which you can get from any computer shop for R100 or less or more depending on the length you want. 

May 08

Microsoft is letting you Do The Math: Mac vs PC

Posted by msbodetti in Windows , microsoft , mac vs pc , Mac , Apple