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Jul 29

The smartphone war: Motorola takes on Apple

Posted by The Source in sales , motorola , iphone 4 , Apple , android

The Source

In my previous post I mentioned that Steve Jobs opened a can of worms when taking on other smartphone manufacturers when covering up the signal problem of the iPhone4.

Well Motorola isn't taking it lying down.

The ad below appeared in the New York Times

Jul 20

AntennaGate and the golden rule

Posted by The Source in Samsung , htc , blackberry , Apple

The Source

antennagate I think Steve Jobs must be kicking himself for the approach he has chosen to defend the “scandal” of the iPhone 4 antennas cutting out when you hold your cellphone in the left of right hand.  To be honest I have no idea in which hand the problem occurs, I don’t care and neither should you.

Jun 29

The Apple Tree.

Posted by OS GIKEN in Sam Diaz , iPod , iPhone , ipad , At&t , Apple , 4G , 3G , 2G


It shocks me how many news reports and headlines pop up everyday on every tech website reviewing, complaining, lambasting, worshiping Apple. Their fascination with this company is beyond me. Every move made by Apple is scrutinized to the point where we have people like Sam Diaz who calls himself an Apple Guru...yes you read right, there's actually a title for the person who knows more about Apple than Apple Guru.

Sam Diaz

Imagine this, everything a company does, anything, is documented and analyzed for the masses to make an opinion off, remember that an analysis, be it expert or not, is still just someone else's impression on a topic of interest. An analysis of Apple's 3G or 4G is just someone who's qualified in Apple history talking about their experiences on the 3G and 4G issue, not Apple themselves. Its just Sam's rendition of what he thinks is happening, would happen, and won't happen. Unless Apple actually releases a statement to the ever present press, everyone just basically goes with Sam's opinion on the 3G and 4G version of the new iPhone – and Sam thinks its great, so it just has to be right?

Rules of engagement:
But there is a good reason why we can all listen and read Sam's impressions on Apple, because Apple uses a very lean approach to releasing products, or making money as its actually what they do. They will package a product so lean, that when they release a second version you'll want that too...and give your older version to your niece. Anything Apple touches, has to comply with their rules of engagement, you can now listen to music on your Kindle...only if you have the iPod or iPhone, yes. I'm sure in 2130; you'll be able to buy McDonalds, only if you are a registered owner of an iPhone 43G. Rules of engagement

Why are you surprised?
Why are people surprised when 2 versions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod are released? Apple tells you that the technology is not ready yet, it’s been ready for the past 10 years, it just make sense to sell the technology in two different yet the same products. 3G and then 4G, God forbid you bought the 2G. 40Gig then 60Gig and 80Gig. That 80Gig will be followed by a very new iPad with 100Gig if you don't watch out! It astonishes me that people are still surprised at Apple's product offering and packaging, whatever they do, the market will respond positively, and worst of all, the myriad of competition will shamelessly follow and brake patent laws knowingly unknowingly. The IT industry has strived off this version cycle sales-type approach for decades, and its worked!

Apple Loop

Apple Loop:
That's the business model, like everything Apple, cleverly designed to make money, and they are good at it. The Apple loop clearly shows how lock - in strategies are the way to go, "you can get this if you have this" type of mentality. That's only the start of it all; pretty soon, you'll be totally excluded if you DON'T have anything Apple! Apple, basically takes an existing technology, package it so good that you believe its something new! The iPod...nothing new! The touch screen with movement detection...old age! The iPad...seen it all before! But this is where Apple has the magic ball and the Tarot cards and the wizard and the magician and David Blaine on their side, they make all this existing technology available to everyone and anyone, and everyone who's anyone who's not Sam Diaz, will not know that the technology existed, but they'll believe that Apple is innovative and the technology is brand new and Apple had it first and Apple is the best. Simply put –
Apple sleeps with your mother, your father, your sister and your dog, and worst of all…with you if it sees potential market share in mediocre or untapped markets!

You gotta love it:
You have to, no matter who you are, even Sam loves it, you have to love Apple, they take what we know but don't know, and make it available to all of us convincing us and at the same time have us screaming from atop a mountain “we need what they have to offer”, package it so good that they make billions off it, and then just when we get used to the technology, they bombard us with more innovation! I love Apple, I have not a single Apple product in my life, but I've used them all bar the iPad, and I will happily fall into the Apple trap of lock - ins and accompanied technology from a partner etc. But that's just the trick, that's what Apple does, it makes us want what they have, we cannot deny it.

you NEED apple

OS over and out  - pretty soon, the ever popular saying "An Apple a day keeps the doctor away" will have a whole new meaning all together.

Jun 17

Apple: Taking over the world, one iAd at a time

Posted by ShackledMuse in Unilever , Steve Jobs , iTouch , ipad , iAd , Google , Apple , advertising


A follow up of my previous article, Growing rivalry between Google and Apple.

The iAd campaign is set to launch on the 1st of July, and Apple has already made more than $50 million from it. 


Jun 15

All aboard the tablet wagon

Posted by The Source in tablets , blackberry , Apple

The Source

Since Apple introduced their iPad, everyone who is anyone is trying to jump on the tablet wagon.

Jun 10

Growing rivalry between Google and Apple

Posted by ShackledMuse in iPod Touch , iPhone , ipad , iAd , Google , Apple , admob


Google/Apple Rivalry:

In 2007 Google and Apple were big buddies, but it seems lately there's no love lost between the two companies.

Jun 10

iPhone 4 FaceTime – video calling to explode?

Posted by MikeZilla in video calling , iPhone4 , iPhone , face time , Apple


iphone4 The iPhone 4 is here and it’s brought FaceTime with it. Now I thought they couldn’t get a worse product name than the iPad but they have proved me wrong again. FaceTime on the iPhone 4 is, wait for it… Video calling. Apple and their branding gurus have hedged their bets and seem to come up with a great new package for the iPhone 4, and as always, I wouldn’t bet against it working.

Jun 07

Hands on iPhone 4g at #WWDC2010

Posted by Shesthegeek in ipad , Handset , Hands on iPhone 4g , Apple , A4 processor , #WWDC2010



Jun 06

The Apple experience – One bite had me Hooked

Posted by Shesthegeek in Revolutionary Phone , MadamGeek , iTunes , iPod , iPhone Review , Gadget Review , Apple


May 31

Yahoo piggybacking on Nokia while Apple takes the lead?

Posted by ShackledMuse in yahoo , Ovi , Nokia , microsoft , iPod , iPhones , iPads , Google , Apple


Yahoo and Nokia, teaming up against Google, Apple and Microsoft

Yahoo must be really depserate.... In a previous post I touched on the search engine war, with Yahoo updating some of its features to rival that of Google. Google still remains the undisputed champion.

Seems now that Yahoo is teaming up with Nokia to give Google, Apple and Microsoft a run for their money. Will the yahoo/nokia partnership truly be strong enough to rival the bigger giants they're up against? When it comes to the mobile market, Google and Apple takes the lead. Nokia's Ovi Store only registered about 1 million downloads per day, whereas Apple was averaging on approximately 10 million downloads per day.

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