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Mar 29

How to get an iTunes account in any country with out putting Credit Card info.

Posted by msbodetti in Zip Code , iTunes Store , google maps , Apple , America


I've been approached by a few friends and colleagues as to how to do this. They would like to download free goodies from the American iTunes store but they don't know how to go about getting an account with out putting Credit Card info. (This will work in any country's iTunes store)

It is a long procedure, but it's worth it!


1. A computer with Internet

You don't need an iDevice as all the free media such as music, premiers etc. can be played on your computer. But for free Apps, you will need an iDevice that is made for it.

How to get the account

1. Connect to the Internet and open up the iTunes application

2. Click on the iTunes Store category on the left panel. It is situated under the main category Store.

3. Wait for it to load. By default it will go to the iTunes store associated with your ISP IP address so it will load to the South African iTunes store.

Go to the bottom of the page and you will see a Site Map to your left. At the bottom right you will see a icon that shows which country your iTunes store is for. Click on the icon. (Flag of the country)

Mar 22

iPhone 5 to be released in Summer 2011(Winter 2011 for SA)

Posted by msbodetti in iphone5 , hon hai , Apple


China Times has made a post of the release of the iPhone 5 in Summer 2011(Winter 2011 in SA) They say that it is in trial production at the moment but Hon Hai did not comment on the rumors.

The prototype has a metal chassis to improve signal quality and be scratch resistant as compared to the iPhone 4 glass finish. In the post they rumor it will have the A5 processor and have the NFC technology("electronic wallet"). They have confirmed that Hon Hai will be opening plants specifically for Apple OEM in Sao Paulo, Brazil in order to supply the high demand of Apple products. They want to have production bases in Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, India, Malaysia, United States and Brazil.

Mar 17

How to put your own message tones for your iPhone

Posted by msbodetti in tone , sms , iTunes , iPhone , Apple


This is a tutorial on how to put your own tones for messages such as SMS, Email etc. The main reason for this is because Apple doesn't let you choose to make your own message tone and sync it via iTunes like how you would normally do for your custom ringtones.

You don't need to Jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch.


- iPhone/iPod Touch (Any generation) This can probably work for iPad as well.
- iPhone Explorer  you can download it from here  You can run it on both Windows and Mac and its free. Unfortunately the other iPod versions are not free from them.
- Message tones; Usually few seconds, you can also check this site for popular tones. You can download any for free!
- iTunes or any other Audio Converter (Needs to convert to .aiff)

How to do it:

1. You need to get your message tone ready. You can download some from here I downloaded the Skype message tone.

2. Add it to iTunes and right click it to convert to .aiff. If it doesn't show this option but MP3 or AAC. Just go to iTunes Preferences - General Tab - Import Settings - and change the Import using option to AIFF and you can change quality there as well. Or you can use any other Audio converter that converts to .aiff.

Mar 16

Jailbreak iOS 4.3 (untethered) delayed

Posted by msbodetti in jailbreak , iPhone , dev team , Apple


I am a jailbreak freak when it comes to my iDevices such as my iPhone or iPod Touch.

Mar 08

Top 10 iPhone Apps

Posted by Charmed in iPhone , apps , Apple , App Store


This blog post is in response to msbodetti's blog where she asked what our favourite iPhone apps were. I decided to do a blog post rather, as it would make a better comment.

Mar 03

Steve Jobs gets out of bed to introduce the iPad 2

Posted by msbodetti in Mac , iTunes , iPhone , ipad2 , ipad , apps , Apple , App Store


I really loved watching this video and I'd like to share it with you. It was uploaded by shreyanscoolguy and the quality looks HD.

In this video Steve Jobs points out the many accomplishments Apple has made up to now. This video was recorded on the 2 March.

Really amazed to see Steve Jobs presenting this due to his absence in the last few months because of his health. But he looks pretty healthy in this video maybe because of all the excitement for the iPad 2.

Hopefully he gets better!!

Mar 02

iPad 2 - Not just a pretty face

Posted by RIC007GP in Windows , Web OS , iPad 2 , Apple , android



Mar 01

10 Apps that every iPhone should have

Posted by msbodetti in wikipedia , vevo , tom tom , tap tap revenge , shazam , ninja fruit , Mac , iTunes , iPod Touch , iPhone , imovie , flixster , evernote , Apple , 8mm


You will find that these apps are by far the elite in the iTunes App Store. These are recommended for the iPhone, read on to find out why…

Evernote -Productivity (Free membership offered)

To download the apps for Evernote are free from the iTunes store for iDevice or from their website for PC or from the Mac App Store for your Mac. What this App does is that it lets you sync your notes, where ever you typed them, between your devices. Sign up with them, you can choose the free option or the paid one. The free  option is what I chose and I find it really satisfying. The main difference between both memberships is that you can view the notes offline which isn't such a train smash because once you synced from your device, the note is there until you delete it.

You basically use the same log in information on all your devices and it will upload the notes to their servers and you can download them from anywhere on any of your devices which has the same credentials.

Feb 27

FaceTime: Mac to iPhone - Vice Versa

Posted by msbodetti in pc , Mac , iPod Touch , iPhone , facetime , Apple , App Store


So the FaceTime for Mac was officially released on 24 February 2011. It basically allows you to have video calls between your Apple devices, but not just any Apple device…

Unfortunately it is not available for previous iPhone models that have 3G enabled cameras such as the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS. The only reason I can think of that Apple is restricting this, is because they want you to buy the latest editions which is the iPhone 4 and the 4th Generation iPod touch. Maybe they will make changes to the iPhone firmware later on which allows FaceTime for the iPhone 3G and 3GS.
You can even have FaceTime calls between Mac users with this App.

 I have recently tested out the iPhone 4 FaceTime call with my sister in Norway. It works just as good with a video call over Skype from my Mac which goes to show how revolutionized this is. The lag of video calls depends on the ISP upstream and downstream connection you have. I have the MWEB Adsl unlimited on the downstream of 4 Mbps and upstream of 512 Kbps. It works really good and it's satisfactory for me.


- An iPhone 4 or 4th Generation iPod Touch with firmware 4.1 and higher
-A Mac OS X with Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6 and higher) It can be a notebook or desktop
-The FaceTime App from the Mac App Store (Costs $0.99 which is reasonable)

How to set it up

1. Firstly you need to make sure that the FaceTime capability is enabled on your iPone 4 or iPod Touch 4th Gen; Go to Settings - Phone and switch the FaceTime on or on the iPod Touch 4th Gen Go to Settings - FaceTime and switch it on and put in your Apple ID and password and it will verify it

Feb 21

Find my iPhone free for any iPhone users

Posted by msbodetti in mobileme , iPhone , find my iphone , Apple


I came across this service from Apple a while back but I wasn't too happy that I had to pay for it. But it is free for iPhone 4 users running the firmware 4.2 (Lucky me) This only became free in November last year (2010) But there is a round-a-bout for making it free for any other iDevice but you need someone who has an iPhone 4.

I thought there was a huge instruction guide for this to be activated but it actually isn't a big deal to do it.

Things you need

-An iPhone 4 running firmware 4.2
-Apple ID and password

-A computer with Internet OR an iDevice running the Find My iPhone app which also needs Internet access

How to set it up

1.Go to Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendars - Add Account

2.Choose the Mobile Me option and put in your Apple ID and password
It will then verify your account and maybe ask you to accept their new Terms and Conditions. You can even create a new Apple account there.

3.After it has been verified, you will be loaded to a new page in the Settings to activate the Find My iPhone option. Switch it on and tap Allow.

4.After that you can test if it is working by logging onto on your computer with the same Apple ID you used on the iPhone. Or use the Find My iPhone app for your iDevice such as your iPad, iPod touch or another iPhone.

How to make it free for any other device

1.You will need to know someone with an iPhone 4 running firmware 4.2 And you need your own Apple ID and password

2.Just follow the instructions in How to set it up but instead of their Apple ID, just use yours. Your account will then be activated.
3.Log out from their iPhone 4 MobileMe and then just use your Apple ID in your iPhone MobileMe account and it should be up and running.


-Send a message to the iPhone from your computer or iDevice to tell the person who has your iPhone to contact you on another number

-Lock the iPhone straight from your computer or iDevice

-Erase all data and media on the iPhone, restoring it to factory settings. Which is not recommended because then you wont be able to locate it afterwards.
It is very useful to safeguard your information and data and even locate where the iPhone is if it has been stolen. But you never know if the perpetrator is a Apple genius…


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