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Aug 24

Re-civilise who?!

Posted by Khatija in south africa , skin care specialists , recivilise yourself , re-civilize yourself , nivea , look like you give a damn , hate speech , controversial , Constitution , black man , America , advertising campaign , ad banned


A black person can call another black person a n*gg**, a white person cant.  A black person can refer to another black person’s hair as nappy, a white person cant.  A black person can joke with another black person about being uncivilised, No, Nivea, you can’t!

May 10

The right to copy

Posted by Khatija in south africa , riaa , reinhardt buys , peer to peer , p2p , MWeb , legal theory , Law , ISP , Internet Solutions , internet service provider , Infringement , file sharing , entertainment industry , electronic frontier foundation , eff , download , dawnell leadbetter , copyright act 1978 , copyright , buys inc , America


Do you think twice before you download music? Do you feel like a criminal when you share movies online? Well...I know I don’t but the point is that maybe I should.

Mar 29

How to get an iTunes account in any country with out putting Credit Card info.

Posted by msbodetti in Zip Code , iTunes Store , google maps , Apple , America


I've been approached by a few friends and colleagues as to how to do this. They would like to download free goodies from the American iTunes store but they don't know how to go about getting an account with out putting Credit Card info. (This will work in any country's iTunes store)

It is a long procedure, but it's worth it!


1. A computer with Internet

You don't need an iDevice as all the free media such as music, premiers etc. can be played on your computer. But for free Apps, you will need an iDevice that is made for it.

How to get the account

1. Connect to the Internet and open up the iTunes application

2. Click on the iTunes Store category on the left panel. It is situated under the main category Store.

3. Wait for it to load. By default it will go to the iTunes store associated with your ISP IP address so it will load to the South African iTunes store.

Go to the bottom of the page and you will see a Site Map to your left. At the bottom right you will see a icon that shows which country your iTunes store is for. Click on the icon. (Flag of the country)

Jan 20

The land of the free

Posted by Jayo in USA , New York , Manhattan , JFK , America


Okay, so my family & I were on holiday in the USA last year & I promised to relate my experiences on myDL. This is the first of a series on our escapades in the States. This blog will focus on our first day in NY. Here goes!

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