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May 12

From 3G to ADSL

Posted by sgb in Networks , Afrihost , adsl , 3G


Why did I wait so long?

Apr 21

All Websites should work with our without WWW

Posted by msbodetti in www , website , IT , internet , Afrihost , admin , Accessibility


Dont you hate it when you enter the and get a response

Mar 29

Plugg enters the uncapped market

Posted by The Source in unshaped , uncapped , MWeb , Afrihost , adsl

The Source

Yet another ISP (Internet Service Provider) came up with their uncapped ADSL solution to try and take a stab at Afrihost and Mweb who recently made their uncapped offering public.

Mar 19

Uncapped ADSL reaches South Africa via MWeb

Posted by barrmar in Uncapped ADSL , Telkom ADSL , MWeb , Afrihost


MWeb recently announced that its 3 GB offering is now going to be uncapped. This is a first in South Africa, and is likely to change the way that we use the Internet. 

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