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Jul 20


Posted by venda my birth in Untagged 

venda my birth

to those who think julias malema is not good leader go fell not that he aint good just that you think he does not deserve to be where he is. malema was born leader and you are all  followers amen.

Jul 13

Let tech do all the work

Posted by iOnGreen in Untagged 


The problem with being environmentally friendly is that it takes effort.

Jul 13

Nuclear Energy is Safe...don't listen to the Germans!!

Posted by Dissol in Nuclear Energy , Fukushima , Alternative Energy



Jul 12

Your space

Posted by masilo in Untagged 


How much space do you need  to be the best?Do you want to own the whole country?Is the room or a house you are living in giving you enough space to breath and do your choas?Do you get enough space from people around you?

Look at how much air is in the world,it's enough to supply each and every breathing organ.It's  open not enclosed.

What can you do for your countrymen?

Jul 12

My Secret Blog

Posted by girlinthecorner in secret , listen , feelings


I haven't been very active the past year or two since I wrote the letter to my Dad.  I Have never really had any talent when it comes to writing. But I might as well give it a try. And I will not read over any of my posts before posting them,because when I do I inevitably end up deleting them. 

Jul 12

The Steve Hofmeyr Divorce, how much is the media allowed to say?

Posted by Bertus in steve hofmeyr divorce , section 12 of the divorce act , Protecting the identity of a child in a divorce , newspapers and divorce , divorce south africa , divorce privicy , divorce attorney cape town , divorce and media laws , divorce and media coverage , divorce act , children and the media in divorce , celebrity divorce , bertus preller


Jul 11

Working at ITWeb - Introduction

Posted by Ryc0v in work experience , rhodes university , phone , landline , ITWeb , , average


You know you're coming up in the world when you get your own office phone and extension. Well - maybe that's not that impressive - but it is to me. I haven't had a land-line in years (thanks to University life) so actually having a phone sitting here makes me feel secure. As my cleverly chosen title indicates, I'm working at ITWeb, the glorious Lord and Master of MyDL. I'm here for two weeks for a little bit of experience and to hopefully learn. I'll be documenting it on here. For no reason other than the fact that it seems like something I could do to keep myself busy during the quiet moments.

Jul 08

The wedding.

Posted by Doolally in Untagged 


So for those of you who were wondering the Wedding was a success. Minor a few complications… like the road being a bit inaccessible to the bush church. Which didn’t stop us all piling into a Taxi to get to the wedding (including the groom). Or the fairy lights deciding the fairies were taking a day off and there was going to be no lights!

Jul 05

Another Tom Tom Entry...or GPS & Shuttle Technologies

Posted by Dissol in Tom Tom Competition , Shuttle , Navigation , International Space Station



Jun 28

Why I really need the Tom Tom!!

Posted by Dissol in Tom Tom Competition



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