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Jul 26

2D or 3D and cellphone booking

Posted by The Source in Shrek , 3D , 2D

The Source


Sunday we decided to take the kids to see the latest Shrek movie at Nu Metro in Menlyn.

Yes, we are looking to win the Parents of the Year Competition. Our strategy to win is clear, sit and watch a crappy movie and hope that the kids do not notice how bored you are.

I hate standing in line to buy tickets and I hate standing in line to buy popcorn. I am very happy to watch a movie at home on my own big screen, but for the kids this is an experience.

While we were busy looking at the times of the shows on their website we noticed the option to book and pay for the tickets online. Now keep in mind that I haven’t gone to a cinema in years. This is probably old technology for Nu Metro, but I was impressed with it.

Mar 10

3D TV - are you ready?

Posted by sgb in TV , 3D , 2D , 2010 World Cup


Are you ready to sit in your lounge watching the World Cup Soccer with the players (and the ball) swirling around your head?

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