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Jan 18

Desmond Tutu needs to check in the nearest psychiatric ward

Posted by tmagaisa in Untagged 


Check Desmond Tutu in the nearest mental institution

Jan 15

Malema versus Domestic Workers

Posted by Jawellnofine in USA , united nations , Shakespeare , SANRAL , President Zuma , politics , opinion , Modimolle Monster , Mayan Calendar , malema , iran , end of the world , e-tolling


Jan 10

Review : The girl with the dragon tattoo (2011)

Posted by Paralyzer in stieg larson , david fincher , daniel craig


The Swedes adapted Stieg Larsons book in 2009 , which introduced the rest of us to Noomi Rapace ,the gypsy lady in the current Sherlock Holmes – a game of shadows movie as Lisbeth and Michael Nyqvist who can be seen as the main villan in Mission Impossible Ghost protocol as Mikael.

Jan 09

Let's Revolt: The System is broken

Posted by Jawellnofine in Untagged 


Dec 29

Life goes on....without a Hitch

Posted by Dissol in Obit , Hitchslap , Christopher Hitchens


I changed the title to this blog.  His death caused me to revisit some of the fabulous books he wrote.  God is Not Great, Letters to a Young Contrarian, Arguably, and his autobiography - Hitch-22.  I realised over the course of re-reading those incredible works, that his work has influenced me.  He was a truly great mind, and a brilliant orator.  The world is much poorer today, for not having Hitch about, but he did achieve immortality, in that his literary works will endure.

Dec 26

Xmas carol

Posted by Dissol in Xmas , Christmas


To me, spending the month of December in somewhere like South Africa, or the UK, indeed much of the Western World, is like having a taste of what it would be like to live in a single party, dictatorship.  Same songs everywhere (everywhere, meaining everywhere public - malls, shops, offices, hospitals, stations, airports), same "uniforms", same exhortations.  Everyone is forced to join in.

Dec 15

Things I learned from Breaking Dawn

Posted by LousyNick in Untagged 


Breaking Dawn is a special kind of movie: the kind that's so crazy-bad it's almost awesome, but then just slightly overshoots that into batshit insane territory. And I just cannot stop talking about it.

Dec 14

'Thor' Film Music Review

Posted by Phoenix Benedict in Thor , phoenix benedict , patrick doyle , kenneth branagh , film music , audio branding

Phoenix Benedict

'Thor' - Patrick Doyle
Besides the stunning CGI effects and the stellar cast the storyline was not an a epic LOTR narrative. Yet I feel the saving grace - except for Chris Hemsworth's amazing physique - was the film's score.

Exceptionally aesthetically sound crafting in terms of harmonic and melodic constructions creating a fluent music language moving in sync with the visual narrative.

Mr Doyle is known for his thoughtful and sensitive score for 'Sense and Sensibility', and this is what sets him apart from other Hollywood scorers, in that his score literally co-exists with the visual narrative, instead of merely commenting on it.

Dec 14

'Captain America' Film Music Review

Posted by Phoenix Benedict in phoenix benedict , film music , captain america , captain , audio branding , alan silvestri

Phoenix Benedict

'Captain America' - Alan Silvestri
When I was a teenager I became aquinted with Mr Silvestri's music for numerous Hollywood films in the 1990's, and haven't yet heard of John Williams though I could sing all the audio brands from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.

After a seemingly long absence from cinematic scoring Mr Silvestri has returned recently and is brining back a certain epic feel to film scoring again.

One can't deny that as film media and demographics change so too will film scoring yet the anchoring codes are best utilized by those - like Mr Silvestri - who indeed is a master craftsman.

Having said that, I do feel that the lack of an identifiable audio brand makes this score seem a bit lackluster. Yet, perhaps the Studio or the Director insisted on a purely mood-bound score as opposed to thoroughly 'narrated' scoring process.

Dec 14

'Super 8' Film Music Review

Posted by Phoenix Benedict in super 8 , super , phoenix benedict , muisc , michael giacchino , jj abrams , film music , audio branding

Phoenix Benedict

'Super 8' - Michael Giacchino
In my opinion this film seemed to be a merge between 'The Goonies', 'E.T.' and Abrams' TV series, 'Fringe'.

The interesting storyline lent itself to a huge palette of possibilities in terms of the film score's soundtrack. Yet, I must say I expected more from recent Oscar sensation, Mr Giacchino.

His orchestral scoring was traditional, and the epic narrative codes were mostly effectively applied. Yet there was, for me at least, a lack of integrity in terms of the music and film marriage. Why I say this is because I often would question the role of the music in this film in terms of its placement at times and also it's effectiveness in co-existing with the film's narrative.

Something was missing. I did hear attempts of references to John Williams' idiosyncratic style (in terms of middle ground woodwind ornamentation while strings and percussion create a counter texture), yet in my opinion, this 'form' could have been muscled out with at least one unique melodic-harmonic-rhythmic-timbre-tempo-dynamic bound signifier, which is typical of successful and memorable audio brands. Beyond this then the various theme-and-variation etc techniques lend themselves seamlessly to create a memorable sonic experience, co-existing meaningfully with the film.

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