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Get decent storage

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This is the second of a series of three posts.  Please read the first before reading this one.

The cost of hard disk space gets less and less every year.  If you can get a notebook with an i3 or better processor and four gigabytes of Ram and a three hundred and twenty gigabyte hard disk, take it, but the chances are that you will be looking for either a bigger hard disk or considering external storage soon.  Don’t settle for a smaller hard disk.  Five hundred gigabytes should be the minimum you should look at.  And make sure that your notebook has HDMI out to use with your new television.

If you can’t get a decent laptop, maybe consider a netbook.  While the world economy was in a slump, systems like these with their average performance were acceptable, but as Bob the singer said, the times they are a changing.  Now there are excellent notebooks available that don’t use a lot of power and run a semi-decent operating system, but if your budget is tight, perhaps consider a netbook.

Stay away from hard disk based music players.

Should you happen to be browsing for a new digital music player, rather look at the solid state options as opposed to the ones with a hard disk enclosed.  The cost of the hard disk enclosed ones usually is cheaper, but you pay for what you get.  A one hundred and sixty gigabyte music played might seem like a better buy than a solid state one, but the motor cycle rider principle applies.  It is not a case of if it will fail, but rather when it will fail.  When it comes to solid state music players, the iPod touch is the best way to go.  Obviously the iPhone is also an option, for the same reasons.


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