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Zuma promotes daughters TV show on Twitter

Posted by: Ryc0v

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Earlier today the SA President's Office official Twitter account decided that it should promote the upcoming show "It's for Life" on DSTV 107 (at 7PM).
The twist of the matter is (beyond the fact that people follow the SAPresident account for presidential announcements, not show recommendations) is that two of Zuma's daughters feature in the show.

But, can we complain? What is expected of public figures on Twitter, certaintly the account can no-longer claim to represent the Presidential Office, or Zuma in his role as President, because he has clearly used it to promote his family members personal interests.

It is amusing to note that overseas, such as in the US, officials LOSE their jobs for what they post on their personal accounts, can you imagine what would happen if they posted personal things on work accounts and channels?

Inappropriate with a dash of nepotism, I wonder if anything is sacred from being exploited for gain these days.

So, are you promoting a product that you feel needs a unique South African touch? Contact the Presidential offices and maybe, if you're related, or in the ANC, he'll hook you up with a personalised promotional tweet.
Ugh. /rant

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