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Youtube allows you to edit videos

Posted by: Nasreen

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Tired of using complicated software and applications to edit your videos for Youtube?  Now there’s a new way to edit your videos fast and efficiently. Youtube has created a video edit feature  that allows users to stabilize, rotate, and spice up your clips directly on the site without needing to re-upload footage.

According to the Official Youtube blog, the new tools can be used on newly uploaded as well as older videos (as long as they do not have over 1,000 views or any third-party content). This feature will enable you to edit the videos while also maintaining the same video IDs, making it possible to hold onto view counts and comments.

Existing links to the video will also continue to work. All you have to do is click “Edit Video” on your video’s page or on the My Videos page.

This new editing feature isn’t meant to replace software like Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere Pro, rather  it is meant to help users fix their videos in a less time consuming manner.  It also makes the videos look more professional and provides better quality.

“We noticed that a lot of people were uploading videos to YouTube that we can say are somewhat unpolished,” says Jason Toff, product manager at YouTube.

It seems that there is a lot more amateur and unrefined footage than professionally edited work on the site, and Youtube hopes that this feature can produce better quality of videos.

 If you have access to the editing feature, you can stabilize hand-held footage, rotate videos and boost the colors and contrast. The “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature will allow for one-click color correction.

YouTube’s team also collaborated with Picnik to provide new aesthetic effects. This makes it possible for you to add filters such as black and white, lomo-ish and cartoon  to your videos.

Toff says, “there’s even an option to swap out your audio for something else by choosing from a number of available tracks. And if you have a video with too much footage at the beginning or end, you’ll be able to trim some of that out as well.”

All you have to do is click “save” to begin processing video edits. But in case you aren’t happy with the new product, it is possible to go back to the original version. There is also an option to click “save as” in case you’d rather have multiple versions of the video. However, as the blog post points out, popular videos with more than 1,000 views and videos with third-party content will only be saved as new videos once edited.

I think this is a great tool,  many fans of Youtube will enjoy using this feature, and hopefully we’l be able to see better footage being posted on the site. So all you Youtube lovers, go out there and start editing your videos!

Check out the video below to find out more about how the new editing feature works.

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written by Charmed, September 16, 2011
I think being web (and even cloud) based is the way forward. It's perfect for someone who uses a netbook and can't load resource intensive programs. Sometimes I find it a mission to run iMovie for a basic edit like cropping.
written by Nasreen, September 16, 2011
Yes definitely, it makes it so much easier now, also those intensive programs cost a fortune, and requires learning how to use it, which takes up alot of time. You could try using Moviemaker for basic cropping, it normally works for me.

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