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Writing Google Ads like a Pro

Posted by: Femme

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According to Google, “ad text is a crucial distinguishing factor in luring a user to your website. Successful ads are clear, well-written, specific, and compelling.”
You don’t need to be an expert copy writer or hold a marketing degree to be able to write display copy for paid search advertisements that will get prospects clicking.
Here are a few key points to consider when putting your copy together:
  1. Sprinkle your headline with keywords
    When targeting searchers looking for “genuine” or “pure” leather handbags, include that as part of your headline text.

  2. Include the most relevant information about your business first.
    Focus on user benefits - tell buyers why they should choose your product instead of the competitors. What sets your offering apart? Ensure this is in the ad copy. 
  3. Have a clear call to action.
    Don’t leave your prospects guessing - include an instruction telling potential customers to “View online catalogue now” or “Order online today.”

  4. Be picky about your landpages.
     Make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for by pointing them right to your product– your prospects do not want to work to find your offering.
  5. Try a few variations and test to see what works. test the results.
    With time you will learn which phrases or variations generate the best click through rate and will be able to put these learnings to use.
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