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World Cup - the experience so far

Posted by: barrmar


I have never watched so many soccer matches in such a short space of time as I have over the past week. 

The vibe in and around Johannesburg has been fantastic. Supporters of the various teams are everywhere. Most practicable are the Mexicans with all sorts of fabulous headgear and full costumes. 

The soccer has been interesting with all the matches highly contested. Unfortunately, South Africa lost 3-0 to Uruguay on Wednesday evening dimming the team's hopes of going through to the group of 16. Bafana Bafana does have a chance to get through. If Uruguay beets Mexico and South Africa beats France by a margin of three goals we will bet through. If Mexico wins, we will need a four goal margin against France. 

One aspect of the way many of the teams approach the game has been a little upsetting. It is players falling down at every opportunity in a bid to get free kicks. More concerning is the fact that more often than not, these engineered free kicks are awarded. The player who has been rolling on the ground in agony suddenly recovers fully and the game carries on. 

I remember a Monty Python sketch where the players were given coaching in acting, and taught how to lye on the ground in agony. 

To me, this is nothing more than cheating. 

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