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World cup not good for journoes

Posted by: AbortRetryFail

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SA people are an industrious bunch but not too bright it seems. No, I don't mean everyone, just those who are contributing to destroying our character/name/reputation...

Culled from online sources, including News24 and Mail&Guardian and from reports on East Coast Radio and other national news stations...

Thieves broke into the Uruguay team hotel and stole $12 000 from two of the squad while the team were playing against France at the World Cup, Uruguay media reported Saturday.

Three members of Greece's Soccer World Cup squad had cash stolen from their hotel rooms in the northern suburbs of Durban, a team official said on Thursday.  Cape Town – Southern Sun Hotels is investigating "an allegation" that cash was stolen from the hotel rooms of Greece's national soccer squad in Durban, a company spokesperson said on Thursday.

An armed gang stole money and a camera from four Chinese journalists in South Africa to cover the Soccer World Cup, state media reported on Thursday. 
Three European journalists were the victims of an armed robbery early on Wednesday morning at their lodge in Magaliesburg.  Three journalists, two from Portugal and one from Spain, were robbed in their rooms at Nutbush Boma Lodge in Magaliesburg by armed men at about 04:00. Two of them slept through the incident.

Lanseria airport has reopened after the wreckage of a plane which had to belly land was removed from its runway on Sunday. Johannesburg - A plane full of World Cup journalists, including 14 from the Al-Jazeera network, escaped unhurt after their aircraft made an emergency landing near Johannesburg on Sunday, an airport spokesperson said.

Rustenburg - Burglars stole camera equipment worth $70 000 from a New Zealand television crew covering the Soccer World Cup in South Africa, police and the network said on Sunday.

Johannesburg - The two women accused of stealing money from the Colombian soccer team's hotel rooms applied for bail in the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

Thieves seem to be aiming for journalists (great move, p#$$ off the people who WILL and CAN report the incident internationally) and the international soccer teams. So far it seems like "they" are working towards hitting every attending nation at least once. It hasn't taken the lowlife criminals long to realize who has the best "stuff" to affirmatively acquire. The next question is however just what are they going to do with the high-tech cameras and sound equipment? It's not a handy-cam or tape recorder but broadcast-quality specialized equipment which will definitely cause a stir if they try to pawn it at the corner pawnshop.

At the same time some blame is also due the victims. How you may ask? Well, common sense dictates not to let expensive stuff lie about unattended and one would think journalists at least, with their access to news sources, would know there's a bit of pilfering going on in the good 'ol SA. Even the "common" tourist will have seen the many sensationalist reports and the Facebook status updates and warnings... so much for the internet and almost-real-time updates/reporting of information.

At least none of the tourists have been attacked by the lions and other wild animals international media reports are all over every dorpie in SA...

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written by Bianca212, June 14, 2010
What the Uruguay press conveniently left out was that it was a member of their own delegation who was behind the theft! Of course the rest of it all doesn't look so good (at least the thieves who stole from the european journos were caught and were in court shortly after it happened), but I will never understand people who leave large wads of cash in their hotel rooms and expect it to be there when they get back. That's just stupid.
written by AbortRetryFail, June 14, 2010
The majority of these incidents are from SA locals and not foreigners but yes, also a brazillian got arrested for stealing a handbag from a restaurant. But the rest were SA people although some of those are illegal immegrants from Zim and other africa states, as well as "nationalised" foreigners, some nigerians who became SA citizens.

Whatever the actual final whodunnit score will be more than 90% so far is SA people so we're gonna be branded/blamed with ALL the incidents
written by AbortRetryFail, June 14, 2010
The slightly obscure point of the blog was that for the 3 or more months before the kick-off every news service has been running "SA the nation of robbers and murderers" articles and Facebook and twitter etc was flooded by "personal experiences" etc from previous visitors. Even with all that press people still didn't think about crime and got victimized. Stupid them for that but we still look bad to the world at large.

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