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Will you use MS Office online?

Posted by: tally

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Ok, now you've done that, let me refer you to this article.

If you don't feel clicker-happy, basically what it says is that Microsoft Office 2010 is going to include online functionality... in other words a Microsoft version of Google Docs.

This is the latest in a head-to-head battle for domination by Google and Microsoft as has been blogged about already. What interests me however, is the relevance for South Africa.

South Africans are fans of free stuff. Especially free software. Extra especially free software we actually know how to use. It's all very well and good giving me Ubuntu, but when I can't figure out where to click to find my C:// drive then it's not much good is it?

The same can be said for Google Docs. It doesn't have a C:// drive and is quite similar to the office layout we're used to, but it's still a bit confusing. Wouldn't it be easier to simply have Office online?

That's if you use that kind of thing.

The other issue, is do we really want office online? In South Africa only 12% of people have access to the Internet (according to World Wide Worx). I know that not all of the other 88% have access to a computer (I'm sure a good deal of them are also still in diapers) but I wonder if Office 2010 makes allowance for that. It's bad enough that Microsoft constantly wants to go online to update, imagine if you couldn't use it without going online?

And yea it's great for being able to share documents with friends etc, but what about when the Internet goes down? We don't really have the most stable infrustructure... and even with a huge-ass undersea cable being completed in the next few months, this infrustructure will mean that bandwidth will still be an issue.

I'm interested to hear people's thoughts.

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written by OS GIKEN, July 16, 2009
lol - howcome I get the sneaky suspicion that this is for work? :grin

but no...I don't do doccis online! why would I? :x

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