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Why I prefer Android

Posted by: Vortex


To start off, I always have been interested in technology, I even fantasized about carrying around a very loud speaker in my pocket and being able to throw a party with the thing, at that time I was only 10 years old. We have such things today, although not entirely what I fantasized about, but almost. 

Why is this relevant? Well, to be honest, it shows you sort of who I am, I love technology and I always aim to be able to do something with technology that the next person cannot do.

So, why do I prefer Android?

Well, my first reason would be; Because that is who I am, I love geeky stuff, android is very geeky and that settles it.

What do you mean geeky?

Well, Android is an open source operating system, which allows you to toy a bit more with the user interface, you can even be able to overclock your CPU, load Linux desktop operating systems etc. on it, heck if you root it, you can even load Ubuntu on it straight from the Android Market. Awesome, right?  

I am not an IT at all, I cannot do coding, so usually that means I am stuck with what I buy, but thanks to XDA Developers Forum I am able to do all of that with my Huawei Ideos S7 Slim tablet, which I got for R99 a month at MTN. All I did is download the root application from XDA developers  and I was set for some seriously geeky stuff.

My second reason would be; Apps

I mean, come on, who doesn't love apps?

 OK, so the Android Market doesn't have 500 000+ apps like the Apple App Store, it only has 400 000+ apps, and then again, I have access to a lot of other web sites that also gives apps for Android, not your safest bet I know, but that is why I have Avast! anti virus as my protector, very efficient and most of all, free.

Apple on the contrary have the most apps, a very closed, safe ecosystem, and they like to keep all of their people in cyber jail, thus people that love Apple and have the brains to do it, jailbreak their iOS devices almost immediately. I simply love choice, and I would like to keep it that way thank you very much.

The only downside to me with Android is that it isn't that cheap on the data, I can easily use more than 2 Gigs worth of data in 2 weeks. 

I can compare All OS's and believe me, Apple, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry and Symbian all have their own unique selling points and key features. It would take a lot of words and pages to compare all of them, so I am just giving a few of my 

So I could look at iOS, because it is a very good OS, but that isn't me at all, I simply love the geekiness of Android, it has its problems, but then again, show me an OS that doesn't.

Until next time ;) 

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written by Charmed, January 09, 2012
Your blogs (so far) fall under the "Digital" section - so I will be moving this one as well smilies/smiley.gif
written by Vortex, January 09, 2012
Hi, thanx a Lot, hope the info looks good.
written by Mistressofspice, January 09, 2012
Hey Vortex,

what are your thoughts on Windows mobile??

it is also an option, especially if you are looking at Dual booting properties smilies/grin.gif

there is so much that you can do with Both Devices, HTC although is a better option for me, compared to Samsung windows mobile devices, the user interface is more responsive and more welcoming.

try it out you might actually like it, especially if you like me and like to play adventure.
written by Vortex, January 09, 2012
Hi there Mistress

Well, it totally depends on which version of WM you are referring to, I have had plenty of unwanted problems with older versions of WM.

Windows Phone 7 is something to look at, a little bit early to say what the outcome of WP7 would be, but it sure looks promising. As you have said about dual booting, it is easy to hack as well, just go to XDA developers they will show you how.

I totally agree with you on the fact that HTC skinned their older versions of WM better than Sammy, but nowadays WP7 has the same standard UI.

written by Mistressofspice, January 09, 2012

Don't you agree that it would be better to have more variety in the cellular market, maybe the ultimate, combining android, bbos and iPhone!

To me that will be the ultimate, although you have iMessage and BBM and the combined apps it would defy be. Breath of fresh air to have something different in the market.

Choice is tough at the moment, so I will justsmilies/cry.gif wait in anticipation for a different os.

The closest that I have heard would be the new update that we expecting march this year for the play book that will incorporate the BBOS and android market, I look forward to this.

After all variety is the spice of life~ my mottosmilies/grin.gif
written by Vortex, January 09, 2012
Granted, all three OS's combined would be very nice, although what would be the fun in that, I wouldn't have anything to talk about then, would I?

Yes The QNX platform is almost the same as the Android platform, after all both are based on the Linux kernel, thus making it easier for RIM to port the Android Market over to their Playbook.

Although the Playbook can use Android apps, the native Android system is much better than the native Playbook.

iMessage has it's advantages, if you have an iPhone, but once converted to iMessage and you want to switch back to another platform again, some people complain about not receiving any of their messages from other iOS users, something about the iMessage system integrating your other messages as well.

I agree, there must be variety, otherwise life would be very dull indeed.

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