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Why doesn't our government care about us?

Posted by: tally

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Was reading this morning that President Obama has been taking the time every single day to read 10 letters from his people about their concerns. And then doing something about them.

"Some of these, maybe two or three each day, the President responds to in his own hand." writes Jake Tapper of ABCNews. He reports that the president aimed to use the letters as a reminder of the people behind the issues, the people affected by his own actions.

Can you imagine our government doing this?

To me it seems that the government is always either involved in law suits trying to defend itself or clinging on for dear life trying to stop itself falling apart. Am I the only one disillusioned?

Clearly many people still hold out hope... 23,174,279 South Africans areĀ  registered to vote in the upcoming elections, which is over 3 million more than ever before.

Elections can mark a new beginning, a new start... but I can't see a single candidate that is likely to listen to anything I, personally, have to say. All the candidates I see before me are just likely to offer excuses (assuming I can get close enough to them to complain that is).

As the months before the elections quietly smolder away in the wake of all the political finger-stabbing and accusation-bombing, I become more and more tempted to crawl under my bed and come out when it's all over.
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written by OS GIKEN, February 25, 2009
I agree with you, you are NOT the only one being disillusioned!

I don't know, is Barack just showing off or is he REALLY that good?

Actually you know how many people out of the 20mil actually voted? You'll be surprised!
written by Dissol, February 25, 2009
Although I am not allowed to vote in these elections, I actually feel that all elections should have an additional box beneath all the candidates, saying "None of the Above". I am sure that in plenty of cases, this box would 'win'. This should serve as a wake up call to whoever is in power, that there is a large proportion of the population who are not happy, and who do not like what they are being offered / told.

Is Obama that good? Time will tell... But so far, he has actually delivered on many of his promises. He is keeping a fairly transparent government (see, and you even get sensible responses if you send mail from South Africa. I wanted to know his position on Stem Cell research, and what his administration would be doing on this issue. I got a reply (OK, not from him personally), giving me their position, and pointing me to websites. Try that with the SA gov?! Different story, I have found...

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