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When MyDl is all you have... it's still a hell of a lot

Posted by: tally

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It's amazing how amazing a blog can be. When your whole world falls down at your feet and everything you ever thought the future would be crumples up like a piece of paper you doodled on... if you have a blog, you still have something.

There's an old adage that is usually applied to livejournal (a personal diary kind of blogging site). It goes "Whenever something horrible happens, at least I know I have something to blog about". I would like to take that further... whenever something horrible happens, at least I know I have a blog!

On Thursday night something horrible happened to me. Without going into too much detail, my uncle who was lending me the money to complete my studies suddenly withdrew the offer. I was shattered because I have done everything I can this year to prove to him that he can invest in me (found various part-time jobs, maintained good marks,
even worked out a detailed budget for next year). I, under the false impression that everything was secure and my future was whatever I wanted it to be, had dreamed big... and so when he, out of the blue, informed me (casually I might add) that he would no longer lend me the money... I crashed. Hard.

It seemed that my future had been yanked out from under my feet. Neither of my parents can even afford to support me anymore, let alone pay for my studies. The bank is unlikely to let my father stand surety on any loans because he is so far in debt and my mother is unemployed. I was swallowed in an airless vacuum of darkness and depression.

But then I went to check my bank account and work out just how in trouble I was... and there, freshly deposited, were my digibucks. Light had arrived back in my life.

Sure, R350 isn't going to pay my bills any time soon. But the digibucks stood for more than that, they were hope. A sign that my future wasn't a complete write-off. A sign that I am still me, that I don't have to accept my life as a check-out-girl.

"Social media", "citizen journalism" and "blogging" are all terms that are tossed around and often used with "empowerment" and "freedom" but not until this weekend did I realise what that really meant. You see to me a blog is not simply a collection of words and hits. It is a reflection of who I am, what I want to be. MyDl's acknowledgement that that is worth something is all I needed to spur me into action. And I am sure I am not the only one to experience this power.

So thank you MyDl. For everything.

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written by tally1302, September 28, 2008
Good luck, I will
retro click your
blogs if that will
help. More for
support than
written by salambander, September 28, 2008
*goes to click all your blogs*
written by Traysee, September 28, 2008
i know the feeling tally. i will also give you some extra clicks today smilies/smiley.gif
written by tally1302, September 28, 2008
Thanks everyone smilies/smiley.gif

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