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What to expect...

Posted by: Ryc0v


My name is Ryc0v. I'm a bit of a nerd. I like angry (occasionally underground) music, cyber-violence, computer games, role-playing games and innovation.

I'll be joining the hordes of digital-detailers this upcoming week, writing about and focusing on the gamification phenomenon.

I'll also occasionally branch out to analysing revolutionary ideologies and techniques employed by computer game developers in their products. If I find a game amazing enough, or I love the franchise enough, I may be forced to reference it and write about it due to the pivotal role in my life it has (cough Mass Effect and Dragon Age). 

So if what I'm planning seems at all appealing to you (to read about), please drop me a message or add me.

I'm on facebook and twitter, so look me up!

Until then, go well sojourner.

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written by Charmed, April 19, 2011
Welcome to My Digital Life!

I look forward to your posts about gaming. We like nerds, here on myDL! smilies/grin.gif
written by Andora, April 20, 2011
"Angry music", "Cyber violence" ! Are you one of those guys that rage viciously when playing games? smilies/tongue.gif
written by Ryc0v, April 21, 2011
Nah, I'm fairly calm. I rage at inanimate objects and stupid boss fights.

Very rarely do I rage at a game, or use the dreaded alt-F4 rage quit smilies/tongue.gif

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