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What makes you click?

Posted by: tally

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There’s an ongoing gag that people like clicking on things with some kind of sex in the title, but I know I for one don’t use sex as a criteria for what I click on.

I tend to click on things that are either from people I know, who I know I can trust, or somehow manage to intrigue me. If the title of a blog is very similar to something that I’ve already seen said (usually even more than once) that day, then I am likely to give it a skip. Likewise, if someone tricks me into clicking with a promising title which then only has a picture or something reposted off the internet, I’m also likely to skip clicking on their blogs in the future.

Personally my favourite blogs are blogs that make me think, that say something new or tell a touching story. I enjoy reading blogs that are either humorous or poignant. I prefer reading blogs that are on the long side because then I feel the person has worked for their hits, but also because they are often able to go into more detail.

What kind of blogs do you enjoy reading? Long ones? short ones? ones with humour? ones with pictures? What topics? I’m genuinely interested to know – and not just so I can customise my blogs to your liking ;). I think that if we all share what we want to see on mydl, we will start seeing it.
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written by Syllable, September 30, 2008
I don't have time to read the long ones. So break it up into bite-sized snippets, and as long as it's interesting I'll be back for more.

I'm sure you can tell a long (good) story that way and maximise hits on click-a-lot. :p
written by mysehnsucht, September 30, 2008
At MDL, I try and read all posts, simply because we get paid per click and I hope for every click I give I get one in return.
Generally speaking though, writing style is important to retain me as a reader. You can write about anything under the sun, as long as your style is engaging.

I am with Syllable though - long posts I struggle with. I also struggle with posts that use a different font that is hard on the eyes.
Typically, blog posts should be short and to the point, and include some visual stimulation. Loads and loads of text on a white background becomes hard on the eyes, especially for those of us who sit in front of a screen all day (and night).
written by Traysee, September 30, 2008
I usually click on blogs that were written by people i know or who have come to know through the site. Also from the comments I receive, I can tell who reads my blog, so I read and comment on their blogs too.

But if the heading catches me for whatever reason, I'm there like a bear.

If I am bored, I'll read anyone's blog!

Pictures, don't matter much to me. It's cool to have a pic in your blog, but not essential.
written by Catz, October 02, 2008
I enjoy blogs where I find out more about the author - what makes them tick. It is interesting to get an idea of the personality of the writer, then to read something that shows you an element you did not realise before.
written by bubblzey, October 09, 2008
I enjoy blogs that make me think about things that wouldn't have otherwise occurred to me. Medium length blog posts are best - that happy middle between wondering if the author should reach for their Ritalin and wondering if your savings account balance will increase before you finish reading the post. I also like blogs that are more than just "the crappy things that happened in my day". Those are emo. Emo = Ick. It's a simple equation.
written by Dissol, October 10, 2008
aha! Good post! I have the MyDL posts & comments sent through to my RSS reader, so I get the headline, author, and the first couple of lines. That needs to grab me as interesting; there are many blogs which are just...what is the word...hit tarts...there made one up, but I think you know what I mean. I suppose it is a bit like walking through an art gallery...there has to be something about the initial view of the picture that makes me want to look closer. Just a ma*s of bright colours (putting sex in the title) will rarely do it for me. I want to learn something new, either about a subject or possibly about the person. So for example, your post is a good one, as it is making me think & analyse how & why I view posts...

I am not interested to read through a post, and think "well, they have told me nothing new, they are merely repeating old (often very tired) arguments or positions. Sometimes I do respond to those though...if only becuase I get frustrated when I see blatantly false claims or statements go is a part of me, that I don't much like, and I am trying to temper it...although MyDL will really test me at times!! :grin I do wish that some people would do just a little bit of research before shooting from the hip at times...

Oh, and like an art gallery, there are certain artists that I prefer over others. So I would usually check out their posts anyway, no matter the title. In saying that, I have noticed that some names seem to have slipped away...and there seems to be a general dearth of posts right now. Anyone else notice that? :sigh

Oh, and i know that not many people like my art...and you know what they say about art imitating life.... :cry :cry :p

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