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What can your mobile phone really do?

Posted by: Sameer

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Most people buy a cell phone (also known as mobile phones) to make calls and send an sms or two. Right?

Well that's what you hear people always say, but what if they really knew what capabilities their cell phone had? Would they then start using more of the features or still just make/receive calls, send an sms and take the odd photo?

However, most cell phones do much more than that. Chances are, if you paid over R 3500 for your cell phone or currently paying more than R100 per month on contract, then your cell phone can do some, if not all of the following:

  • Send an SMS

Together with making and receiving phone calls, SMS capability is a very basic feature of almost every cell phone

  • Send an MMS

If your cell phone can take pics, then it surely can send/receive an MMS, but of course make sure is has either 3G, GPRS or Edge (all explained below)

  • Take photos

To be able to take photos, your phone needs to have a camera. Most phones above R 3500 have a camera installed, whether basic or more advanced.

  • Go Online and surf the Internet

If your phone has 3G, GPRS or Edge, then you would be able to surf the internet. If your phone has JAVA installed, then you could also download opera mini and surf the internet as if from your computer.

  • Download pictures, music, video clips

Once again if you have 3G, GPRS or Edge on your phone, then you would easily be able to download video clips, music and pictures directly from the internet.

  • Check Facebook

There are many JAVA applications out there that can be downloaded onto your phone to directly check facebook, chat on Mxit and any other similar applications. You can also use the phones built in WAP browser to check the mobile version of Facebook or any other mobile versions

  • Video calling

If your phone has 3G and a 2nd camera then you are easily able to make video calls whereby you can see the other person/they see you while in a phone conversation

  • Listen to Music

Basically every phone above the R3500 mark has built in MP3 player software to be able to handle MP3 songs, whether from a separate headphone or built in speaker.

  • Use it as a modem to connect your computer to the internet

If your phone has 3G, then you could easily connect the phone to your laptop/computer either via bluetooth or supplied cable

  • Send files, such as mp3's, pictures, video clips to other cell phones

Most phones also now come standard with bluetooth, which allows you to send and receive files from one phone to another or to a PC/Laptop.

  • Use as a GPS

Usually more top end phones come with GPS capability, allowing you to navigate from one place to another via built in Maps.

  • Check Email

Most phones now come with a built in email program where you can set up your email to be read directly from the phone. Also, Google has a nice JAVA app to be able to log onto your email via phone.

The technologies and hardware used in the above to be able to cover all the features include:

  • 3G, GPRS, Edge - technology used to connect to the internet at higher speeds using data
  • Memory Card - a separate card inserted into your phone to save photos, music
  • 3G Video calling capability (usually a 2nd camera on the phone) - to be able to see who you are talking to
  • MP3 software - ability to play music
  • Bluetooth - the technology used to send files from one phone to another
  • Direct Cable connection - to connect your phone to PC/laptop and upload/download pics, music etc. Also used to connect phone as a modem
  • GPS - technology used to determine co-ordinates of the phone for map navigation
  • Camera - to be able to take videos and photos
  • JAVA Capability - to be able to install specific JAVA programs

Now that we have covered what your phone possibly can do, have a look at your cell phone and recognise what its worth. Chances are you might start using more of the features or maybe you really just need it for phone calls.

If you have any questions or queries as to the capabilities of your phone, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or send me a message.

*Please note that the above information covers cell/mobile phones and not smartphones, which I will be writing about soon.

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