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We now get a break with non-functioning internet connections

Posted by: The Pianist

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The Pianist

I was a at a braai this weekend, with a bunch of people who use the internet to survive, and who need excellent connections.  Everybody had a complaint about Iburst, as the signal was shocking and some folks only got one hour of signal a day.  The download speed was very slow and the service if something broke was useless.  Iburst always has something to sell to solve the problem.  But everyone had the same suggestion to change to, Cell C.

 Granted, for now, it is fantastic.  Cell C have promised to keep up with the times and keep their maintenance up, so that they do not overload, but in this very fragile economy, is making such promises wise?  Iburst made similar promises, and they were the main suggestion a while back, but they landed up getting into huge trouble.

 Another line that everyone got was Neotel, who are now close to bankrupt.  So the question stands, where is the wisest place to go?  Perhaps the Consumer Protection Act will lend a hand if Cell C messes up.  You can no longer sign a 24 month contract.  So after a year if you’re not happy, you can try out something else.

 So I believe right their is the solution.  The corporate noose around our neck has been loosened.  We are now not forced to endure the pain of a slow connection for a 2 – 3 year contract, if the product gets too hot.

 Good job on this particular act government, it’s about time you did something for the people.

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written by Jas, April 06, 2011
Cell C doesn't have a 2 year contract with its mobile Internet offering - you can either get a 1 year contract for a set price and set amount of bandwidth per month, or purchase it outright at a set price with no contract: you get the set limit of bandwidth per month for the full year...

So it really does put you in control. And its cheaper than Telkom / ADSL / Vodacom / MTN etc.
The Pianist
written by The Pianist, April 06, 2011
Excellent smilies/cheesy.gif Go Cell C!
written by Charmed, April 06, 2011
Yeah, I can also vouch for Cell C, they are doing some good stuff.

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