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We don’t wear orange underwear… Dave

Posted by: The Source

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The Source

I am simply amazed with the reports of the Dutch supporters being escorted out of Soccer City because they wore orange mini-skirts.


In summary, the girls wore orange mini-skirts which they received in promotional beer packs sold by Bavaria Beer. The skirts do not contain any branding and orange is the colors of both the Dutch soccer team as well as the supporters.

FIFA sees this as ambush marketing and removed the women from the stadium.

This is bloody ridiculous. Please fans, do not blame South Africa for this. We are not currently in control of our country because we signed that over to FIFA a few years ago.


I am however in two minds about this whole stunt. If you look at the video below following the girls into the stadium up until the point where they “undress”, there are some questions that come up.

The problems I see here

The women first wore other clothes and had the orange skirts and tops underneath their red and white outfits. I almost get the impression that they expected to be stopped at the gates if they showed up wearing the orange outfits.

Secondly, 32 women wearing the same outfits and all having seats in the same block is a bit questionable. I can actually see how this can be seen as ambush marketing. Still, removing them from the stadium is a bit harsh. Especially since there is no branding on the clothing.

If I enter the stadium wearing orange boxers then it is my right to do so. If I pull down my pants and show the other supporters my orange underwear then it is my right to do so (not that I would). If Bavaria gave me orange socks and I wore them to any game then FIFA should not have the right to take them from me or remove me from the stadium.

For all they know these boxers or socks could have been purchased from any store and not be affiliated to Bavaria Beer in any way whatsoever.

They must be happy

Bavaria is most probably smiling at this whole incident. Can you imagine all the free publicity they are getting right now.

Just by posting this blog I am already doing marketing for them...

Take that FIFA.

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written by OS GIKEN, June 15, 2010
lol load of bull...the dutch cheries are hot!
written by Jayo, June 15, 2010
That is disgraceful. I see absolutely nothing wrong with those skirts. Infact they could have made them a bit shorter.
written by Dissol, June 15, 2010
Cheap attempt at viral marketing from a company who is known for ambush marketing. Treated heavy-handedly by another company who is known for acting heavy handed... No news there then...

By the way, I am happy he last his job. All these hospitality tickets keep the prices up & the real fans away...
written by Benni, July 02, 2010
I wonder if we will see some orange outfits in the game against Brazil

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